29 March, 2011

the source...

So you remember this guy?

Yeah. I think we underestimated him. First of all, he is no longer timid and shy of the outdoors, unless he's in the backyard and hears one of the neighbors through the fence.
Otherwise, he does crazy things to get outside now.
Like jump out the upstairs window... to the ground. True story. I woke up one morning to a very cold upstairs. Upon further inspection, the cat was missing and the bathroom window was wiiide open. When I stuck my head out, he was sitting on the grass in front of our home looking up at me and meowing.
There were no other windows open in the house, and V said that the cat was missing and the house was cold when he got up for work too.
Silly cat. He's all right, all bones fine and no indication that he's hurt at all, thank God. But still! Freaked me out!

So remember that post about the cat pee earlier? I had narrowed it down to an area of my house where i thought it might be. Boy was i wrong. Earlier, i had found pee droplets on the floor by the back door... which was open.
Apparently Maurice had sprayed our curtain, somewhere in the chaos of that day. The open door was wafting the smell indoors and trapping it in the foyer. Yuck!!!!

As soon as i placed the curtain in the bath with baking soda to soak, the smell magically disappeared. Hooray!

So the curtains were washed and re-hung, and everything is at peace again. For now.


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