17 December, 2009

about V...

Where did you meet V?
V and i met online, funnily enough. It was a few weeks after i had said "no more online dating" and match.com sent me an email stating 3 DAY FREE TRIAL!!!
After it stared at me from my inbox for a couple days, i signed back up for the free trial. On the last day of the trial, i decided to check out the men in other English-speaking countries just to look.
They were really all the same until i found V's profile. He was something special... i knew it. So i sent him an email and not too long after that, i found myself in Ireland on a mission trip with my church (that had been planned before i met V online) and we actually "met" in Dublin.

Does V have an accent?
As a matter of fact, yes. He does. He is from Poland and speaks Irish-accented English... It's like nothing i've ever heard before, and i love it!

Is he a romantic?
personally, i think he is very much so. He always greets me in the morning with a lovely text and all through the day he says very sweet things to me. His gestures and actions... everything he does tells me how much he loves me.

Would you recommend V as a life partner?
Absolutely! oh yes. He is quite wonderful. If you can find someone just like mine, definitely dont let him get away. You'll be glad in the end <3

02 December, 2009

Happy December!

Winter is great!

Ahh... the fresh smell of COLD! I love going outside (especially right after a shower when it shocks my poor pores) in the morning on my way to work and breathing the wonderful brisk air.
I love keeping my apartment set at 64 degrees F (much to my roommate's despair) and wearing my fuzzy hot pink socks and my sweaters. It makes me kinda want to keep moving! I even like to go apartment shopping in the winter so i'm not influenced by a well-landscaped exterior and fresh paint. heh heh heh (little hint there, DO IT. It's always been successful for me).
   I love the motivation it (the cold) gives me to make warm snuggly things to give to people and to keep, and the motivation for making warm, yummy foods!

Speaking of which...

i made garlic bread! I'd like to say that the bread is homemade but alas, it isn't. I haven't made my own bread in quite some time (mental note: make bread) and my most recent attempt at getting a breadmaker was sadly foiled.

As much as i love garlic and garlic bread, i must say that my apartment has a mixture of smells in it that aren't exactly my idea of appetizing (anymore). You see, the other day, when i ventured out into Black Friday Land, i found a yummy smelling candle for cheapsies! It's "sugar and spice" and is really quite tasty smelling. I had burned it for a while (and my apartment smelled glorious) before i decided i had a hankering for some garlic...
   Little did i know how permeating these smells can be. This candle mixed with the smell of garlic wasn't bad... but that was two days ago! It's fairly stale now. It reminds me of... unpleasant things. LOL! After work, i've been coming home and turning on the central fan, the ceiling fan, and opening the door... It's more faint, but definitely still there.
Maybe baking bread will solve this issue! Then again, maybe it will be another heavy smell... ahhaha!

I went into an independent fabric store/quilting store today after work. Let me just tell you something: Fabric is inspiring. I just wanted to go in and look... but i walked out (of course) with a purchase of some hand-dyed wool sheets that i'll use to make my horse toys that i so enjoy making. Here's a photo of the last one i made:

This one is made out of felt, but the pattern really calls for wool. After playing with this one, testing the felt, and putting it through a small rig-a-ma-role, i can see why wool is the better choice!

here is my glorious roll of felt!

Mwa hahaha! Ten amazing 9x13" sheets of felt. All hand-dyed so they're all unique and excellent individually. I have been looking all kinds of places as to where to buy my sheets of wool and haven't found anything locally. This was their last roll, too. Win. Kinda.

At any rate, i need to cool it on the purchasing of items that might not be able to travel with me. Ireland is a long way to go with only a little bit of what i own (unless this courier company that my fiancée is looking into is not cost prohibitive- which would be supremely superb) and having to choose what comes with me is already difficult enough!


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