18 June, 2009

do re mi fa so la ti

Yesterday i had my first ever voice lesson. I decided i was tired of people telling me not to sing because they dont like it. Too bad, folks.
My instructor is also my improv coach! Which to me, is pretty cool.
Missy is great. She is a huge wealth of awesome knowledge and i marvel at her amazingness! She always comes up with something new for me to be excited about. For instance, when i met her, she was just an improv coach (from my perspective). In learning more about her and her life struggles and triumphs, i appreciate her more and more. Recently i found out she is a voice coach too! I immediately signed up for a lesson. When i got to the lesson, i discovered she plays the piano and earned a degree playing the clarinet... Amazing. She has a PR company too, on top of her already busy life, and loves to help out the members of her improv groups with their various upcoming projects. AND!! SHE'S GOOD AT IT!

Her life is truly one that i admire. Though her days recently have been rough with some personal trials- her life is still one that is filled with music and laughter throughout. It really is inspiring.
But i digress...

I have been worried about this lesson since the day i scheduled it. I was excited at first- then i told some of my friends (who immediately had pity on my poor instructor), then i had a few doubts... then it turned into worry... self confidence issues, and dread.
I kept almost calling her to cancel, but my politeness kept me from doing it. Not to mention i wanted to say that i went to a voice lesson (no matter how bad i sound).
Finally the day came, and i pushed myself to go. I figured if i got there and didn't end up having the lesson- i'd still pay her for her time and she and i have plenty to talk about.
Walking up her front steps, i realized something: I have to sing in front of her. Oh dear!!
As soon as i got there, we began with scales and discussed that as a 24 year old it's a weird time for my voice and i sound fuzzy (but she can fix it! lol) in some areas. Overall she made me feel better because her eardrums didn't immediately bleed.
She gave me some stuff to work on and a piece of music to dally with... I'll schedule my next lesson as soon as i have the money.

Look at that! i'm planning to go to another lesson! hehehe... this will be good.

12 June, 2009

Please help me serve the Lord

Hi there, wonderful friends and family!

Through prayer and much deliberation, i feel that i have been led to participate in a mission trip to serve our Lord with the Vineyard Community Church to Dungannon, Ireland this summer! In August, a group including myself and about 20-25 others will travel to Ireland to lead a Youth Outreach Conference with a sister Vineyard Church there.

Part of what we will do includes:

hosting a kid’s club to reach out to children in the community;

reaching out to the elderly through service projects and nursing home visits;

grocery outreaches where we are able to give food away to those in need;

Praying for the sick and others in the community.

This trip will be quite a challenge, but has the potential to change lives forever, and turn hearts to Christ as we go to help meet both physical and spiritual needs of the people of Ireland. This mission is very important as we take upon us God’s challenge to go into all the world… teaching and baptizing in His name.

I’m writing this letter to humbly ask for your support in making it possible for me to go on this amazing journey. The first and most important support you can give me is prayers. Please spend some time speaking to God and pray for me as I prepare for the trip, and as I depart, (if you're willing). I know God will bless your prayers and the efforts of the team I will be a part of and me. A major part of being a missionary is raising our own support. The idea is to learn what it is like to depend on God to make the trip possible, and it encourages you to be personally involved.

Obviously, it costs quite a bit to go on a trip like this. By June 21, I am hoping to find several people who are willing to contribute $50 towards the trip or if you feel led to contribute a greater or lesser amount, that would also be wonderful. $50 from each person I am contacting would help to cover the cost of airfare, ground transportation, food, supplies, and lodging. The approximate trip cost for each person is $1,700.

Would you be willing to be one of my supporters? If so, please click on the link below to be directed to a paypal account where you can donate. All contributions are tax deductible. Thank you so much for considering this, and also for your encouragement, support, and prayers. I will be sure to keep you updated with photos and other info as I embark on this life changing adventure!

In Him,


11 June, 2009

Blessed to be chosen.

All my life, i have been blessed to be chosen. When i was a kid, some other kkid made a snide comment about the fact that i was adopted. i retaliated by saying "well- my parents got to CHOOSE me. yours were stuck with what they got."

lol! what a mean thing to say. But for me- that particular zing was one in a line of very few. i'm not much for the insults.

BUT anyhow- i was fortunate to be adopted into a loving family that was not into drugs or alcohol. They gave me the best life they could for what they had.

it applies to what i do today as a freelance photographer... i am literally chosen by a bride because she likes the way i take photos, and as a fair individual- i tend to work with a budget. i love to receive phone calls with questions about pricing and what's included. I love hearing the words "we'd really like you to shoot our wedding."

music to my ears.


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