15 July, 2010

As promised...

See? i can keep blog-promises. :)
Although the caveat is that since there's so much to catch up on - i'm just going to start over... mostly. I'm sorry.

We've been going to some car boot sales (it's like an amazing and enormous flea market) and i even was reminded just exactly how sunburned i can get in just one hour. Now that i have been reminded, i will be more careful. BUT i did score these amazing sunnies:

so it was a win.

Also, when i fried my CHI straightening iron, V promised he would get me a new one. I desperately want a GHD, but for now it's a little out of our budget... so i got this:
 Well, it's no Chi and it's certainly no GHD, but... i got more or less the look i wanted. After sleeping on wet hair, and having it up in a tight ponytail all day, here is a before and after:

it will do. I'm appreciative that i have it. I will just have to remember to dry my hair straight, and use this iron for getting a more sleek look, i suppose. It also showed me just how long my hair is getting! That in and of itself was worth the €17.

Recently, V and i have been working hard on getting our business Shannon Angel Photography off the ground here in Ireland. It's been quite an adventure, to be sure. We've been busy deciphering AdWords, Facebook Ads, and hosting contests on our blog to bring interest to our business - so far, it's been not only fun, but we've met some great people along the way. We've had several wedding inquiries, and over the course of the next 6 months or so, we've booked a handful of weddings! I'm very excited to shoot these weddings, because it will be a refreshing re-entry into the business. I will be familiarizing myself with customs, traditions, and things of that nature so that i'll be ready for anything when the weddings approach! It's all very exciting to me!

Additionally, V and i are starting to attempt to branch out into the world of model photography, headshots, and photos for performers. We are so looking forward to the shoots we have in store! We've met with a fashion designer to work with us on some of our future projects as we both expand our portfoios. This weekend is our first shoot together with a beautiful model in Cork city!

Yesterday we went location hunting and stumbled across a goldmine!! I can't wait to get our model out there in the thick of it!!!
It's hard to imagine that this place is ABANDONED!!! I mean, part of the grounds have been turned into some nice apartments, but this structure is about 70% abandoned, i'd say. It used to be an insane asylum! How creepy awesome is that?!
V even met a future robot...
Ok... so maybe in about 200 years... maybe. hahaha!

This church is on the property too. The great thing about Ireland is all those little keyholes you see in movies... you know the ones - where the kid looks through it and sees some secret world behind the door... YES! Those type of keyholes are EVERYWHERE! We have several in our own home, even - but i digress. We were able to see inside this church through the keyhole in the door - It is abandoned and i desperately wish to go inside to take photos of the amazingness within.
The next thing i know, i climb a small hill and find that i've been magically transported back 100 years in time:
Seriously. Breathtaking. This building is so full of photo fodder, that i just can't even begin to tell you... And this is just one PART of the grounds. Just one!!! Here is part of the building from the side:

the sky was sure pretty... look at this country! It's so wonderfully beautiful - everywhere you turn, there's more to see...

We walked around the rest of the facility, but i will save those photos for another time :) Must have something to show you from our fun shoot!

14 July, 2010

Bad blogger, BAD!

It's been over a month since my last post!!! EEP! There's a few things to catch you up on in the life-o-Shannon... but i promise i'll do it later. More or less, i just wanted to acknowledge that i've been lax in my posts and let you know that i'm still alive!


see you soon


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