29 January, 2013

David Sedaris Reads 50 Shades of Grey

I don't quite remember how I stumbled upon it, but I found an audiobook called When you are Engulfed in Flames written and narrated by David Sedaris. I had never before heard of this author, I knew nothing about his previous works or what style of writing he had - I just decided to listen and decide if I liked it based purely on my own discovery.

Hilarity ensued. 

It is a seriously funny set of short essays taken from his own life. It's not all giggles and grins, but the stories are masterfully told and gave me and my husband some serious belly laughs. To this day we still say "willage" instead of "village" among ourselves, and chuckle thanks to Mr. Sedaris. His other books are equally funny, and I would absolutely recommend them!

You may or may not remember when I read 50 Shades of Grey, a book I found utterly vomit-inducing. Not actually because of the sex in it, but because of the terrible, awful, no-good, really bad writing in it. I found that there was a lot of repetition of simple words like "murmur" and others that once I noticed them, I could no longer filter out - Anyways - this is not a further review of the book. Just a little post to share with you a video I stumbled across of David Sedaris reading an excerpt from 50 Shades of Grey. 

Definitely giggle-worthy, and definitely NSFW.

28 January, 2013

A New Dream House

Looking for a place to live in Sweden is ridiculously difficult. Especially if you don't have the money to purchase your own place. Actually, it's easier to buy a place of your own here than to rent, and more often than not if you're only able to afford to rent a place, you'll have to sublet. Sometimes even sublet a SUBLET. It's insane. We were very lucky to find the place we did - and really, I promised to take photos for you so I should get on that.
Anyways, the search for a place of our own was an arduous task, full of lots of page refreshing and sending out mass emails to people... and many times I found myself dreaming of just buying some land somewhere and building a yurt.

I know what you're thinking. I mean less of a Mongolian style yurt...

...even though this is pretty, I want something a little more habitable - like this:

23 January, 2013

A Castle and some Snow

It was a gloriously sunny, perfect winter day recently and we decided to venture out and explore a little more of Tyresö.

Last time, we decided to turn back when we reached a road that was altogether too slippery for comfort - not to mention surprisingly busy. Since then, the snow has fallen again, and temperatures have stayed below freezing so we felt a little more comfortable trying that road again.

19 January, 2013

My Heart

This guy has it. I love his beardy, silly, crazy, geeky, funny self.

He looks a bit like a lumberjack in this photo, which makes me laugh. Apparently we do a lot of plaids in this house - at least for his work clothes. His hat was a gift from my dad, who bought it in Alaska probably 30 years ago. It's perfect for these Swedish winters, V really loves it, and the whole idea behind this photo was to send to my dad to show V wearing it... but it turns out I wanted to put it on my blog too, and well, there you go.

Friends in Stockholm

A friend of mine from school, Jessica, has always been a little east of me. We met in Sandy, Utah when we were teens attending the same middle school. At the end of my junior year, I moved to Washington state, and thus began our strange eastwardly dance together.
We lost touch over the years as friends do, but thanks to Facebook I was able to stalk her keep up with her life. She moved to England, and a while later I moved to Ireland. A few years after that, when we had decided to move to Sweden, I heard she was getting married and moving to Finland. She and I discussed it and we decided I should definitely shoot her wedding. I'm so glad I got the opportunity, because I not only got the chance to see her new home country, but it was a chance for us to reconnect as dear friends. 

Earlier this week, she and her husband came for a little visit! We walked all over Gamla Stan and some of Stockholm together and had a wonderful time

18 January, 2013


Eighteen days later, I've finalized my resolution list for 2013. It's silly, but I really wanted to set attainable goals this year so that I actually have some chance of completing them. So without further ado, here is my list, in no particular order

09 January, 2013

Board Game Geek

Something V and I enjoy doing together is playing board games  Not your mom's games of Monopoly or Scrabble, mind you. I was really surprised a few years ago to discover how much board games have evolved over the years, and now it's one of my favorite hobbies!
V and I have sought out and purchased several games that work for two only so we can play together, but we also really like playing in groups with like-minded people. When we lived in Cork, we met a bunch of people through boards.ie and boardgamegeek.com (BGG) and would gather once a week to socialize and play games. We have built some really meaningful relationships with friends now, whom we would never have met had it not been for board games.

Now we are in Sweden and have met a few people, again through BGG. It's great to find community through board games  Such a fun way to get together with people. We are always looking for new friends to play board games with.

Today I'd like to share with you a few of my very favorite games!

05 January, 2013

Purl, Purl, Purl, Repeat Ad Infinitum

I had this great idea right before Christmas, to pick up my mom's old knitting needles and some yarn and try again for the fifth time to teach myself how to knit.

I've been trying to teach myself now for about 4 years, with at least one small attempt each year, and only a swatch of stitches knitted and cast aside. One time I knit a pretty little rag-sized swatch, and it reminds me of my small success every time I dig through my yarn stash, as that's where it remains.

03 January, 2013

A Walk Around the Neighbourhood

After Christmas, feeling fat and lethargic, V and I decided to get out and moving. Besides that, the snow has begun to melt due to a little warm spell, so we wanted to enjoy some of it before it all disappeared!

We live not far from the sea.


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