09 March, 2011

C25k: Week 3 workout 2 - a week late.

Better late than never, i suppose.

Yesterday, i was truly concerned about how i would do on my second workout of week three, because i've basically taken a week off. Granted, i did walk and do some exercise while i was away, but i worried that i had lost some of the precious stamina i had built up over the last couple of weeks with my previous runs. Yikes!

I became nervous as i tied my shoes and started the treadmill. My palms became sweaty when i started up my C25K app...
The music started... the treadmill started... i started...

the first 90 seconds were fine, both running and walking. The first 3 minutes of running was worrisome. I got pretty winded toward the last 35-40 seconds of it.
The second 90 second run, i got pretty winded, and hadn't fully recovered before the last 3 minute run came around... so it was with great personal effort and lots of mental encouragement that i pushed through and made it. I must note that during my last workout, my last 3 minute run almost had me quit - i had to grasp the handles on my treadmill in order to make it. Today, i didn't need to do that!
Though it's hard to see progress while i'm running - when i look back as i blog about it, i definitely notice a difference. Today i was not as out of breath for as long after i completed the run as i was last week.

This week has been all about seeing improvements in my stamina. I can walk to my friends' house without getting winded. I can go up a hill without panting and gasping for breath. Apparently today, i don't need to hang onto the handlebars.
All these changes i notice and have a mini-celebration mentally. I am very proud of myself.
On the other hand, i took some measurements today and i am sad to report there has been absolutely no change at all from two weeks ago. I'm more than a little disappointed. I had hoped for at least a small change.

I don't know what that really means, but i am a bit sad.
Hopefully my sugar-break over the season of Lent will help! Crossing my fingers!


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