20 March, 2011

C25k: Week 4 Workout 1, take two and three

Before i start going into my runs, i just want to say that i had a fantastic day on Wednesday, before my run.

My dear friend M, was leaving Ireland to go to visit family in the US for three weeks!! I'm very excited for her as she hasn't been home in 3 years, but it's bittersweet... because i'll miss her. Selfish, i know! haha
I went and picked her up from her place around 10pm (she had to teach a night class, else we would have been sleeping by this time) and by the time we got home and settled, it was past 11... yikes!
We had to be out the door by 5:00am to get to Shannon Airport in time for check in and security.

Unfortunately, i had a terrible night's sleep and 4:15am came way too soon.
The drive was scary! It is still very dark at this hour, and of course it had to be foggy too... which made the drive very taxing for me. Irish roads are very bendy and curvy and narrow, so mix in a little fog and some darkness making visibility only about 10 feet ahead... yeah.

We made it in one piece though, and said goodbye for 21 days.

I definitely wanted to make use of this adventure (since i'm rarely that far from home, and NEVER alone) so i decided to do some window shopping in Limerick!
I stopped in Shannon (that's so weird to say...) and found a parking lot... and totally crashed for a couple hours. It wasn't super restful sleep, and when i would go in and out of consciousness, i'd notice someone driving by staring at me... haha but it was very helpful in taking the edge off.

After my nap, i drove to Limerick and had a good little shop around. I found some great deals and had lunch in a park along the river, overlooking King John's Castle. It was very peaceful. I had a nice couple hours in Limerick - and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. A bright sunny day and cool breezes. My type of paradise.
I pointed my GPS in the direction of home, and set out. I had intended on driving straight home, as driving makes me fairly groggy, but as i was driving through Mitchelstown, there was a street market! Of course i had to stop. I found a spool of light tan crochet thread for cheapsies! Some lady wanted TEN EUROS for a pair of "genuine vintage EIGHTIES glasses". Really. Eighties glasses are considered vintage now?
I chuckled and went along my way.

SO on to the runs.

My second attempt at this run, i had my husband cheering me on. He stayed with me and looked at brochures for equipment we are weighing the options of for our photography. He cheered me on, and gave me water when i needed it (after the running parts), and empathized with my pathetic gasping.
This run was very hard, but i made it a little farther than my first attempt. I made it to the final 5 minute run but only lasted about a minute before i had to stop. I got a stitch in my side, same as last time, and had to do my cool down walk early. I was very, very disappointed.
This run was actually really hard on an emotional level. I had a lot of "stinkin' thinkin'" going through my head -  and spent most of my mental capacities just trying to console myself. More than that though, was the warring with myself. The inner battle. I was trying to be strong and make it through the run, but because of my "failure" the previous run, i just knew i couldn't do it. This entire run was completely miserable for me and because of it, i took three days to get back on the treadmill. Three days to convince myself that i'm going to do this again.
Three days to force myself not to quit the Couch to 5k program, and ultimately give up on myself.

Today was my third attempt at Week 4 day 1. Like they say - the third time really is the charm. I did it!!
I made it through everything. The first 3 minute and 5 minute runs were much, MUCH easier than the first time i did this day. In fact, on my second 5 minute run, i lost track of time and would have kept on running, had it not been for my cool C25k app! The second 3 minute run was difficult, and on the last 5 minute run, i truly had to force myself not to quit. My breathing was sooo labored, and it was such a difficult run for me... but i kept saying to myself,
 "4 minutes left..."
 "3 minutes left..."
 " 2 minutes left..."
 " 49...48...47...46...45...44..."
 and finally, "3...2...1!!!!"
I hate counting down, i really do. One of my goals is that someday, i won't look at a clock during a run, but instead look at the miles i've gone and feel a sense of accomplishment in that way.

Today was such a great running day. It was the feeling of sheer accomplishment and personal achievement that made it all worthwhile for me and for the first time a week, i'm really looking forward to my next run, because i know i'll be a little bit stronger.
At the beginning of February, i had a hard time running for ONE minute. Now i can fun for FIVE. Go me!!

How are you doing on your C25k plan?


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