14 March, 2011

My Space (not MySpace, R.I.P.)

You may remember my sewing room from the original tour i posted about our current place. It started out mostly empty (the cabinet is not ours, but came with the place):

Then became super full: 

And now it's finally feeling like it's coming together. It's still miles away from finished, but over the weekend, we traveled to Newmarket in North Cork to pick up a piece of furniture which will help my creative "dream space" take shape. Behold!

Please excuse my cell phone photo... I was just so excited!! It fits as if it were made specifically for this space at 4'4" wide and 7' tall. We got it from a lady who is remodeling her home and unfortunately there is just no space for this beauty ANYWHERE inside after they knocked out a few walls. It has about a million and one cup hooks on it (note the white pile on the counter area where i've removed about half of them) and i might leave a couple temporarily, but the long-term goal is to fill all the holes and paint it  (maybe) to go with my little space.
I've been having lots of fun filling the drawers and putting things in baskets to display. All the while, i've been thinking of my mother (as many of my craft items belonged to her and with them are memories of us crafting together) and wishing i could share this with her. I'm very excited to show my dad, as i know he'll share my enthusiasm!

The most amazing part of this thing, is that somehow we carried it home with this:

except ours is uglier. This one is all cleaned up... and dent free.
The top of the curio/sideboard/whatever it's called comes off and went on top of our car. The bottom went inside! I was very impressed the the hatchback actually closed. Hooray for deceptively large interiors!

As soon as it's all finished, i'll post photos of my completed creative space. I can't wait!

Do you have any colour palette suggestions?


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