17 July, 2009

Laryngitis. Boo.

I have an inflamed Larynx. What's up with that?
i blame the cold i had for exactly 2 seconds. I've had this lovely, raspy voice since Monday. I know it's not that long, but i'm soooo ready for it to heal already. Mainly because i sing a lot... not well, mind you (hence the voice lesson) but i like to sing. In the car, in the shower, whatever- i hum and sing all day.
With this malady i am unable to do any of it. I can't even shout!

However, i'm sure that i could come up with a character to use in improv with this voice. An old, smoking granny has been suggested... lol

The good thing is that it doesn't hurt. So no complaints there. I just get tired of sounding like Rachael Ray.

07 July, 2009


As a kid, it seems that my parents and i moved a LOT. i mean, a LOOOOT. No, i was not a military kid, although sometimes i'm tempted to just answer "yes" to inquirers because it would easier.
My dad was an electrical contractor. Wherever the business was, we had to go. Whether it was living illegally above our office space to save rent, living with other families, in trailer parks, or scraping by whilst living on little to no electricity at camp in Alaska- i can say it's been an adventure. We always always always had a roof over our head and always had food, and most of all, we had love. I'm not complaining. Not even a little!
What i'm trying to say is that i've grown accustomed to being a pappus of sorts... floating somewhere to stay for a while, and when the wind picks up- off i go again. Even when i've been in relationships (ie. husband and long term boyfriend) we moved places, often once a year. The longest i've ever stayed in one place has been about a year to a year and a half.

The time has come though--- Yes, i've been in Ohio for 9 months and i've already moved once within that timeframe (to an apartment, out of my best friends' home)... but it doesn't seem like enough. I admit that i hated moving while i was doing it- but i also loved it. I loved the fact that i was able to whittle my life down into small manageable pieces.
I hated having to start over again- buying furniture, finding an apartment, paying the "first time customer" fees for utilities.
It seems the good outweigh the bad.

Cincinnati is a place that you either love or you dont, i've learned. I know many people who love it for its nuances. I can appreciate what they see in the city... but i dont love it. In fact, i'm ready to go.

At this point in my little existence, picking up and moving away seems like the most exciting thing ever! Right now, i am not tied into school or a marriage- i'm still a free person. I could save up for 2 or 3 months- cut down to the absolute basics, and move to Switzerland if i wanted. Last year before i made the decision to move to Ohio, i was looking for a major change. I seriously researched joining the Peace Corps. I honestly looked in earnest for schools overseas that taught photography so i could continue my studies and "justify" going somewhere like London, Ireland, or Scotland. I researched being an au pair, and lamented that i didn't pay closer attention during my French lessons...
I've even considered calling my friend Anne, in France, who works as an English teacher- to ask her to help me arrange something.
It's not that i dont love America and that's why i want to leave. That's not the case at all! I have been strongly considering moving somewhere like Maine or North Carolina, to be near the ocean. Just that moving to a completely new country seems like a challenge- an adventure. New environment, stories, background, history, people, language, lifestyle, diet.

Inevitably, i always end up missing people. But to be honest- growing up, i got used to it. The pain ebbs, the tears slow, and life moves forward.


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