25 March, 2011


Ok, i'll admit that i'm not the most green person on the planet, though i do try to do my part where i can. Instead of 10 plastic bags when i get groceries, i use two big bags. One is made of canvas and one is made of recycled bottles. I love them and they're much stronger than the plastic bags i used to use all the time.

Instead of using a million and one paper towels when i clean or am cooking in the kitchen, i use sponges and tea towels. Don't get me wrong, paper towels still have their place in the kitchen, but it usually takes more than a month for us to go through a roll.

TMI alert - Rather than buying and disposing of hundreds of feminine products through the year, i have purchased some, as well as made and used cotton pads, which i wash and re-use. I actually find them much more comfortable and i always feel better knowing i'm not putting plastics and chemicals next to my sensitive parts. Not to mention, i don't ever feel like i'm wearing a diaper, let alone filling our landfills with them.

*ETA* The basic pattern i use is here, and i modified it a bit to my preferences.

End TMI alert.

I love straws. I admit it. I don't love to gnaw on them like some people do, but i love to drink from straws. I deny myself the pleasure of purchasing straws simply because if i had them, i would drink from them every single day. Drinking from a plastic straw every day doesn't sound too bad - but i abhor the idea of throwing them away. To me, it's the same as plastic grocery bags. You can definitely use them more than once, but not usually more than a few times before they become brittle and get holes. We all know that once a straw has a hole in it, it is no fun anymore.
We do have a couple silly straws that my husband bought when he was doing his wine-making project. He bought them to use as an airlock device - but ended up getting a real one, so we have these silly straws leftover. I love them, but rarely use them because A.) they're too thin really, and B.) i'm scared of cleaning them. I basically only drink water from them when/if i use them.

Recently, i made a discovery. GLASS STRAWS!!

This site has a ton of different reusable glass straws in all different colors and styles and with different decor on them... i seriously am in straw heaven! You can guess what i'll be buying for V and i in the next couple weeks! I can't wait to receive my new straw! I'll definitely have to consider making a protective case and sticking it in my purse for when i'm on the go...

What is your favorite thing to reuse?


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