25 March, 2011

A Disturbance in the Force...

We have had absolutely gorgeous weather for the past week, here in Ireland. Perfect temperatures, (for me, perfect means sunny, slightly cool, with cool breezes - but when you stand in the sun, you're warm) lovely. Absolutely lovely.

To get air into our house and push all that stale winter air out, i of course have been opening all the windows. The cross-breezes are amazing and our house smells and feels so fresh. The trouble with opening windows and doors, is that uninvited guests decide that this is the perfect time for a visit.
So far there have been two.

Exhibit A:

A spider the size of Rhode Island. I'm sure for those of you (Jina) who have lived in Australia... this is nothing. I didn't need a shotgun. This, friends, is a Common House Spider according to the world wide web, and these monsters can live several years.
I found him, when i was getting ready to plop into bed. That pillow? Yeah. That's mine. After a few seconds of hysterical screaming calm, rational thought, I delegated V to take care of the situation. Spider removed, i almost had to sleep downstairs for the willie-nillies i still felt after its disturbing presence so close to where i lay my head.

This morning's visit, however, was of the feline variety. Bilbo, since moving into our new place, has become somewhat of an indoor kitty. He is skeptical of being outdoors (even in our fenced-in backyard) and if something spooks him (and everything does - birds, people next door, the laundry), he comes running/scooting indoors and upstairs with his little tail tucked between his back legs. Pretty funny, i think, for a cat that was bold enough to allegedly go into the house next door where we previously lived.

I believe we have underestimated our scaredy-cat, though. While he is timid and spookable outdoors, he thinks he is a fierce lion indoors. On his own turf, he is king.
Today, he chased a neighbor cat indoors, upstairs and under the guest bed.

Now. Bilbo and Maurice have been friends through the glass of our front windows almost since the day we arrived here. I even opened the door once and let them touch noses. Our neighbors, Maurice's owners, say that Maurice is not a friendly cat, so this was unusual behaviour for him.
I was just pleased that Bilbo had a little buddy.
Until today.
Bilbo chased poor Maurice into our house from the garden and he freaked out! Maurice cowered under the bed while Bilbo stared in from the doorway. Part of me thinks he was just trying to be friends, but the look in his eyes said differently to me.
Finally, i was able to coax our neighbor cat out from under the bed and into my arms, then out the back door.
Now, there is a faint smell of cat pee in our house. I found some pee-drops by the back door (yay for tile and easy clean up), but still, the smell remains.

Exhibit B:
Can you tell from this photo where the cat pee is? Yeah. Me neither. But this is the area in which i have narrowed down the smell. I'll be mopping the floor after this post with bleach (sorry Mother Nature, i have stuff to take care of) and hopefully that will fix everything.


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