08 March, 2011

a little bit of fail... a little bit of success...

If you know me or have known me for very long (or have been following my blog for very long) you might know that i'm the type of person who has a hard time finishing things. I get off to a great and strong start - then i gradually slip back into whatever it was that i was trying not to/to do.

Apparently the C25k program is no exception! I'm super ashamed to say that as of tomorrow, it will have been a week since my last run. Tomorrow should be the middle of my triumphant week four! But instead, i'm going to hit the treadmill for another day of week three... followed on Friday by still another day of week three of the program.
Part of me feels like a failure. I feel like i let myself down. We went on a little trip to England and i feel like if i had just MADE the time on Friday to run like i was supposed to do, i would be in the middle of week 4 right now, and blogging instead about my triumph (or my painful, painful legs... or my laboured breathing... haha).
I know that on Friday i was insanely busy getting things together and tyeing up loose ends around the house before our departure - but i can't help not forgiving myself. I hope that this is something i can get over with my next run.

Part of me feels like it's a good thing that i've waited a week to start running again, because it's allowed my body to heal. That same part of me also remembers the large amount of walking we did in England while we were gone as well as how i spent the entire day climbing steep hills in Kinsale today with my friend. SO of course, that part of me argues that though i didn't run, i was certainly not idle during my away time.
I have the aching baby cows to prove it.

All i know is that tomorrow, i have to push that silly "stinkin-thinkin" out of my mind or i'll never succeed. I'll never finish, and i'll never know if i could truly "do this".

I have a little progress report to give though, since we're being positive.
For our anniversary, V and i went to Kinsale and walked all day around the roads and hills and peeked into the windows of all the shops (which were closed... drat!). I remember feeling winded going up one hill in particular and asking my husband to stop with me for a minute while i caught my breath.
Today, i not only conquered this hill without having to stop, but i went up several more without even breaking a tiny sweat. I am sooo proud of my progress!

Dear legs,
Thank you for bringing me through 26 years of amazing life. Thank you for never giving out on me even though i've been mean to you over the years. I know you'll stick with me through this trial and together, we'll come out of it stronger than ever.



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