02 March, 2011

C25k: week 3 workout 2

In a nutshell, today's run started off strong and ended weak.
My warmup went fine, of course and the first 90 second run and walk were good. My first three minute run today was great.
In fact the whole workout went well until the last three minute run. 60 seconds into the run, i felt like i wasn't going to make it. For the last minute, I had to hold onto the handlebars of my treadmill for a little support - not because i was going to fall down, but because i was out of breath and focused so much on trying to control my breathing that i was worried i would trip. Nonetheless, i pushed through it and it took a full 4 minutes before my breathing returned to somewhat normal. The cooldown was over surprisingly fast (where do the minutes go when you're not thinking about them?!) and that was it!

I do admit that i was very happy when this workout was over and i think i'll hit the treadmill (or the park!) tomorrow just for a bit of brisk walking to keep my heart rate up. I find that it's easier on my "running days" when i walk in between. Nothing strenuous, mind you, safety first! But just to keep the blood flowing and i'm sure it helps my muscles too.

My legs are still sore from the run on Monday. After today's run, they are achy and i just think i need to take it easy. Stairs hurt. Not so much going up but coming down... :(

Today i'm getting things sorted and making sure things are picked up and tidy for our little adventure this weekend. This day is all about finishing up the laundry (it's sunny, so all of our stuff is going out on the laundry tree today! Woohoo!!) and making our house presentable for our return. Tomorrow will be all about buying healthy snacks for our journey so we don't have to spend a lot on eating out... unless we want to :P


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