08 March, 2011

Lent: the sequel.

This will be my second year celebrating the season of Lent by giving up stuff. After some careful thought, i decided to give up Facebook for the next 40 days. I definitely find myself checking in on all my friends and acquaintances way more than i'm proud to admit. My husband will be maintaining our fanpage, so that's always good. In the mean time - i think i'll learn to tweet. I'm sure it sounds counter-productive to give up Facebook for Twitter, but truthfully, i have no idea how to use Twitter. This should be interesting. You can follow me here, and laugh.

Since i'm giving up one vice for another (i know! It's probably comparable to quitting drinking only to take up smoking...) - i decided to make a healthy decision as well - in the spirit of being good to myself lately.

As you may know, i've started a little running program to try to get fit. So far i've seen a few minor results but i feel like i'm holding myself back because of my diet. I love sugar. I love sugar in my tea, in the occasional coffee... i love cookies and chocolate and sweets...
The trouble herein is that i overindulge in these things. Sometimes, i eat what sweets are laid before me before i even think about it - and as i've just finished swallowing a donut, for example, i feel guilt for not being smarter about it.

SO i will be going for the next 40 days without any sugar or sweets. It's better for my body, and i read an article that once you cut them out and your body adjusts, you don't crave them anymore. That is my ultimate goal... to stop craving sweets so much.

This year is all about good choices. I'm sure i'll mess up along the way... i am human after all, but i am choosing this year to also be the year of encouragement, self motivation, and all that those things entail. I am really looking forward to a healthier me.


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