14 March, 2011

C25k: Week 4 Workout 1

I would like to preface this by saying that this run was a huge rollercoaster for me.
From my elation at being able to run 5 minutes without stopping to my disappointment in having to stop and walk  during my second short run... I'm definitely going to have to do this day over.

Today's run was scheduled as follows:

Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk
Jog 3 minutes
Walk 90 seconds
Jog 5 minutes
Walk 2.5 minutes
Jog 3 minutes
Walk 90 seconds
Jog 5 minutes
5 minute cool down walk

I have some big issues with self-doubt, apparently. I went into this run very skeptically, but at the same time hopeful that i'd be able to complete the whole thing. I was afraid of the initial 3 minute jog because i was worried about my previous week's 3 minute runs - and how hard they were, especially toward the end of the workout.
BUT i said a little prayer and got on the treadmill with my trusty C25k app... and hit the start button.

I blazed through my 3 minute run, surprising myself and congratulating myself on the accomplishment.
The 90 second walk went by way too quickly.
The 5 minute run was hard. But it's supposed to be. I didn't need to grab the handles of my treadmill for support, but i did have to keep pushing myself in my mind. I pushed hard, and made it!
As usual, the walking went by too quickly. 2 and a half minutes felt like only one.
I started in on my 3 minute run, and a little over 60 seconds in, i got a stitch in my side. I thought i would just grin and bear it - regulate my breathing a little more and hope for the best. At 90 seconds, the stitch was horrendous, so i sadly slowed my run from 5mph to 4.5mph. At 2 minutes, i had to slow to a walk.
My 90 second walk came and went and it was time to run the last 5 minutes - but i couldn't do it. I walked it. I'm so disappointed in myself and in my body, yet so proud that i was able to run the 3 and 5 minutes... it is true internal war.
On the bright side, i only pooped out about 7 minutes early, so i will try not to be so hard on myself and keep my chin(s) up.
Wednesday, i'm confident that i'll make it through the entire run, and my C25k program will just be one day longer than expected. :)

On a different note, my sugar fast has been going really great! I haven't been tempted by the candy bars in my pantry (thank God) and i have resisted all the sweets and biscuits (cookies) at our friends' houses. It's been wonderful how understanding my friends have been of my sugar fast.
My facebook fast, however, now has a caveat. A friend of mine is also doing the C25k program, but she doesn't have a blog. Instead, she posts all about her progress and motivation in a note on her Facebook profile - and today i logged on and read them. I didn't check my wall though, and i didn't check my notifications, either! So all in all, my Facebook fast is still in tact. I'll just be checking in on my friend from time to time to see how she's doing. :) Shout out to Melissa who is becoming stronger and healthier with me!


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