17 December, 2009

about V...

Where did you meet V?
V and i met online, funnily enough. It was a few weeks after i had said "no more online dating" and match.com sent me an email stating 3 DAY FREE TRIAL!!!
After it stared at me from my inbox for a couple days, i signed back up for the free trial. On the last day of the trial, i decided to check out the men in other English-speaking countries just to look.
They were really all the same until i found V's profile. He was something special... i knew it. So i sent him an email and not too long after that, i found myself in Ireland on a mission trip with my church (that had been planned before i met V online) and we actually "met" in Dublin.

Does V have an accent?
As a matter of fact, yes. He does. He is from Poland and speaks Irish-accented English... It's like nothing i've ever heard before, and i love it!

Is he a romantic?
personally, i think he is very much so. He always greets me in the morning with a lovely text and all through the day he says very sweet things to me. His gestures and actions... everything he does tells me how much he loves me.

Would you recommend V as a life partner?
Absolutely! oh yes. He is quite wonderful. If you can find someone just like mine, definitely dont let him get away. You'll be glad in the end <3

02 December, 2009

Happy December!

Winter is great!

Ahh... the fresh smell of COLD! I love going outside (especially right after a shower when it shocks my poor pores) in the morning on my way to work and breathing the wonderful brisk air.
I love keeping my apartment set at 64 degrees F (much to my roommate's despair) and wearing my fuzzy hot pink socks and my sweaters. It makes me kinda want to keep moving! I even like to go apartment shopping in the winter so i'm not influenced by a well-landscaped exterior and fresh paint. heh heh heh (little hint there, DO IT. It's always been successful for me).
   I love the motivation it (the cold) gives me to make warm snuggly things to give to people and to keep, and the motivation for making warm, yummy foods!

Speaking of which...

i made garlic bread! I'd like to say that the bread is homemade but alas, it isn't. I haven't made my own bread in quite some time (mental note: make bread) and my most recent attempt at getting a breadmaker was sadly foiled.

As much as i love garlic and garlic bread, i must say that my apartment has a mixture of smells in it that aren't exactly my idea of appetizing (anymore). You see, the other day, when i ventured out into Black Friday Land, i found a yummy smelling candle for cheapsies! It's "sugar and spice" and is really quite tasty smelling. I had burned it for a while (and my apartment smelled glorious) before i decided i had a hankering for some garlic...
   Little did i know how permeating these smells can be. This candle mixed with the smell of garlic wasn't bad... but that was two days ago! It's fairly stale now. It reminds me of... unpleasant things. LOL! After work, i've been coming home and turning on the central fan, the ceiling fan, and opening the door... It's more faint, but definitely still there.
Maybe baking bread will solve this issue! Then again, maybe it will be another heavy smell... ahhaha!

I went into an independent fabric store/quilting store today after work. Let me just tell you something: Fabric is inspiring. I just wanted to go in and look... but i walked out (of course) with a purchase of some hand-dyed wool sheets that i'll use to make my horse toys that i so enjoy making. Here's a photo of the last one i made:

This one is made out of felt, but the pattern really calls for wool. After playing with this one, testing the felt, and putting it through a small rig-a-ma-role, i can see why wool is the better choice!

here is my glorious roll of felt!

Mwa hahaha! Ten amazing 9x13" sheets of felt. All hand-dyed so they're all unique and excellent individually. I have been looking all kinds of places as to where to buy my sheets of wool and haven't found anything locally. This was their last roll, too. Win. Kinda.

At any rate, i need to cool it on the purchasing of items that might not be able to travel with me. Ireland is a long way to go with only a little bit of what i own (unless this courier company that my fiancée is looking into is not cost prohibitive- which would be supremely superb) and having to choose what comes with me is already difficult enough!

29 November, 2009

crocheting fun!

Today i tried something i've never attempted before- I made a beanie!!!
check it out!

I used the scallop design, which i find that i really enjoy and makes a fairly nice decorative design! I can't wait to try this out for a child's size sometime :-)
Maybe soon, i'll figure out how to crochet a flower or something to add to it.

When i started to crochet 18 years ago (*sigh*), my mother taught me a handful of useful stitches including the single crochet, double crochet, and the scallop... somehow over the years, i forgot how to do the scallop and had no imagination for anything other than scarves or blankets with the double crochet stitch (i have a beautiful queen size blanket that i made with wool yarn and love to use on my bed). Today, i was inspired to seek out how to make a beanie... and i did. Yay for YouTube. ^_^

28 November, 2009

busy bee(swax)

  I got a crafting bug today so i braved the world of black friday shoppers to a craft store to pick up some beeswax and some other essentials.
  I have had these awesome stringed lights for several years now, that i got from Ikea at some point. They are star shaped! I have always loved them, and this year they adorn my very Charlie Brown Christmas tree. At first, i hadn't planned on putting anything else on the tree- as i just don't have anything else (except childhood ornaments, which will be staying packed this year) but while i was at the craft store, i noticed they had 50% off their entire stock of ribbons... and i couldn't pass it up. In the basket went 30ft of cute red and cream checkered ribbon for the tree.
  When i got home, i pulled out my double boiler and fired it up while making preparations for homemade Christmas ornaments!!!
  Let me just say, one pound of beeswax is more than enough to fill a Christmas tree with star shaped ornaments and is a little expensive *ahem*. I have LOTS left over, so i might... do other stuff with it ;-)

After i finished with my ornament-making, I began the slightly less challenging project (depending on how you look at it) of making a popcorn garland for the tree as well.
I sat at my computer and watched the movie Bolt while stringing delicate kernels of popped corn onto what seemed like an endless skein of embroidery floss (alas, it was only 8 yards).
I was finished not too long after the movie ended and will be happy to vacuum my floor! haha! little broken kernels everywhere! Mom would cringe right about now, haha!

Now i can sit back and seriously enjoy my handiwork. It's funny to think about my tree this year. I purchased every single thing on this tree (and under it- and the tree itself...) as a single person. It holds no memories of Christmases past, which is bittersweet. I love to look at my pretty tree and think about next year's *future* memories. New country, Husband, new family... Wow!
I must say that i love life as a single, but- it really is for naught without someone to share it with. I am so looking forward to experiencing life with someone ^_^

On a side note, i still need to finish crocheting Dad's scarf and learn how to knit before the year is out. Humph.

26 November, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year i will be spending my Thanksgiving holiday with my boss. My family is far away and my friends are all with their families for this year's festivities, so my boss has kindly invited me to spend the day eating and celebrating with his family and friends.

Yesterday i was so antzy to get out of work. It was like the last day of school for most of the employees there- not to mention there were far too many children in the office. Haha! Dah keeps the CJs under control but the owner brought in not only his 2 but one other, and it was chaos. They were misbehaved, loud, and disruptive- which was no help to our already waning motivation to be there. Finally, at 4:00pm, my boss comes into the lab and announces that we all can leave early! It was so nice.
Not that i had anything or anyone to hurry home to or anything, but... it was nice not to feel cooped up in the office. I cleaned my bathroom and did the dishes, then made tacos.

Cooking for one is not so fun. One pound of meat is way too much for just me. hahaha! I suppose i forgot this small fact as i cooked it. It was good to have a homemade meal. I still have some Hoppin' John that i made a couple nights ago to finish (another meal where it's hard to make only enough for one), so i must say if i WERE to be alone on Thanksgiving, i wouldn't be going without, that's for sure.

What have i done today? I did laundry and i took a shower... i slept in, and snuggled my cat all morning (which i'm still doing right now, by the way) and it was nice to go down to the community laundry room to find that i am not the only one doing laundry on Thanksgiving :-)

24 November, 2009

le sigh.

Recently, i've had to start parking in a different place than i'm used to when i get to work. I think it's because the owner is getting ready to get a security system that we'll have to punch when we enter the building, and it can only be near the front entrance (i usually come in the back).
Anyhow- i got out of my car and remembered a reason that i'm really going to miss this place. It's like a little family. One of the benefits of  working for a very small company is the camaraderie that comes with it.
This picture is from my parking space. When we moved into this building and found out we'd be getting new cement for our parking spaces, my boss suggested scribing all of our initials into the cement.
So, one sunny day after the pad had been poured, brushed and sectioned- my boss came to me with a nail and said "it's time!". I went out and put all of our first initials into the cement as well as two bible verses on the request of the owner.
That was six months ago. I still can't believe i've been with this company for over a year. It's been a good year. My first day of work was the day after my boss offered me a job on the spot. As in- IN the interview. I was so happy to have a job- coming from just recently moving across the United States and before that, not being able to pay my bills anyway because of a part time job at minimum wage vs. school and school supplies.
It came the same day my phone was shut off, and i had just enough fuel in my car to get home from work that week, if i didn't make any stops along the way. How i got to work and home from work the following week is a mystery.
More than a year later, i look back at my time here with a smile. Various pot-luck lunches, pizza days, birthday parties, and all-around happiness in the workplace. I am a very lucky person. I wish all jobs were this good.
I'll miss you, AmViews.

22 November, 2009

48 days!

First of all, to the Skinners- i'm loving your blogger update... it's really nice! Lovin' it and it totally suits you! Sorry i wasn't more help lol

Wow. only 48 days until i'm married! i can hardly believe it! i'm super thankful to my MOHs who have kept my head on my shoulders and keep me in line. It's been kinda hard planning from the middle (wedding in Alaska, fiancee in Ireland, me in Ohio...) but if it wasn't for my ladies- this would be a lot harder.
Not too long after i'm married, and i'll be moving out of the country. What a strange thing to think about! A year ago, i was purchasing items with the mantra "i want to buy things that i'm going to keep... because i'm not moving across the country again... what a pain" haha! well i was right. I'm not moving across the country. I'm moving across the OCEAN! hahaha! Funny how things work out.
I was just starting to complain about needing to move again too- when i met the man of my dreams and decided to get hitched.
I must admit, yes- this is all going pretty quick, but i've never been one to stand on ceremony in anything in my life. This makes me happy and isn't that the point in life? To be happy? I always internally cringe when someone says to me that they "worry for me" (meaning my funny little decisions and crazy ideas). Not in a rude way, mind you- i do appreciate it when someone can be honest... but is it really their place to worry about me? I mean, where does it get them to worry about me? Does it solve problems to worry? I dont think so... it just makes you look haggard.
Dont become haggard for my sake. ;-) just love me for me. I will do the same for you!
This life is a good ride and i'm fortunate to have friends who love me and endure my shenanigans with encouragement and support. I love the fact that on my wedding day, i'll have people there who have stood by me through thick and thin (literally and figuratively haha) and i am HONORED that my friends (read: family) will be by our side.
my other friends and family from other parts of the country will be a part of our pre-celebrations here in Ohio! I can't wait for December 27th to see the faces of all the awesome people who have helped shape me into who i am and meet my true soul mate. I can't wait to lift a glass to you all. Thanks for all you do!

i love you guys.

19 November, 2009

Not going to die today!

I really like this whole "not going to die" thing. My old tires had unfortunately gone a little bald and i decided that surviving at least until the wedding day was imperative- So i got these.

It is amazing what a little bit of tread can do for one's driving confidence- also, i feel loads safer on the road now, and i'm sure my fiancé feels better about it too (even though he's far away).

This weekend, i had a photo shoot with my friends who are expecting a baby! I love to do maternity shoots and i really can't wait to do this one! We'll be doing indoor and outdoor shots, so this should be a blast!  I went out and got a bit of pink ribbon and i still have my baby blocks... eeehehhehe! Maternity is my favorite type of session!

The felt flowers for my bouquet need to be finished. I have been un-motivated for the past few weeks, but i really need to get on it. I have no idea how to make it an actual "bouquet" though... *sigh*
ALSO, i need to figure out who is buying what and when and what other stuff of mine needs to be whittled down and either sold or disposed of/ donated. BAH!
I still need to get my poor cat into the groomers but the pocketbook is a little thin. Last time i used scissors on her mats, i ended up accidentally cutting her skin! poor thing. I felt absolutely terrible about it and she still has a little scar.
I'm a bad cat owner.
She doesn't know that though. She still cuddles with me, and wants to be held and loved on. Sweet little Jewel... :-)

18 November, 2009

new coat!

I got a new coat tonight from Burlington Coat Factory. Yay for less expensive-ness.
It is totally reminiscent of a junior officer's frock in the civil war, but it's also chic... in my opinion. I love the buttons and the standing collar. I am excited to wear this coat places!

i would love to take a photo to share with you tonight but it is getting late and it is also dark... and i'm not in the mood to set up the camera to take a decent photo.

Last night was fun! I went with Dah and the CJ's and we got our nails done (not the boys...lol)! I got a manicure- but let me tell you... i was completely freaked out that the lady was CUTTING OFF MY CUTICLES!!! I mean really... is that necessary? I keep them neat and pushed back, so why does she have to cut them OFF?! I dont have cuticles anymore! I hope they grow back ok... Someone told me they might grow back all jaggedy and rough :-(
 But the polish looks nice anyway.
I might forgo getting fake nails put on for the wedding and just get a nice manicure.

Also, i bought a very cute hat tonight. It is black and short-billed, and has a big ole buckle on it. Perhaps when i photo my coat soon, i'll photo my hat too!
love it!

Well, best be off to bed. This Briar Rose needs all the beauty sleep she can get.

14 November, 2009

Let me slip into something a little more comfortable...

... ahh there.

That's better. Socks. What were you thinking?

It's friday night, and here i sit at home, alone, watching a movie i adored as a kiddo: Return to Oz
V got his suit today in Poland! It looks SO GOOD on him! Check him out!

he's so handsome. Ahh... i'm so in love with this man. ^_^

At any rate- i'm a lucky duck.

12 November, 2009

the song in my head today is:

another busy day!

After work today, i took my friend Mayo to the fabric store to take more advantage of their awesome Veterans Day sale!!! They have all their Simplicity sewing patterns there for $1! Most of th eones i bought were originally $14 or more. I saved $150 today only and just spent $50... so yeah. awesome. I got 9 patterns, a cutting mat (40% off, i couldn't pass it up so i just got a relatively small one), a bias tape maker (1"), some 4" sewing needles, some odds and ends, and of course the fabric for the boys.

I got a pattern for pajama bottoms for the CJs and me to sew together. I also found out that flannel is only $2.99 a yard, so i got some fabric while i was at it. This will be a fun project. Dah (their mom) says i'll be able to get them each one at a time for about an hour and a half next week. I'm excited!

Dah and the CJs and i went to David's Bridal today. We found the most perfect dress for her. It was too good to pass up! She got a bolero in the same color to match and it really looks great! Next step- finding pretty snowboots to go with it :-)

haha! you think i'm kidding.

i'm not.

everyone in the bridal party (all four of us including V) will be wearing snow boots, myself included! it's going to be so great!

11 November, 2009


Today was great! I discovered some new (to me) artists that i like, one of which happens to be "The Free Design". I love their song "Love You", and first heard it on the movie Stranger than Fiction in the end credits. This evening, my fiance sent it to me... aww.
Other new (to me) artists that i enjoy are:
Owl City (specifically their song Fireflies)
Parachute (specifically their album Losing Sleep)
Ingrid Michaelson - I've listened to every album that I can find of hers and love it all.

Wow! in the past MONTHS have gone by (years, maybe) that i didn't find new artists to enjoy- I am on a roll lately.

This evening, i took advantage of some counter space that i have. After cleaning it meticulously, i spread out the fabric for the apron i've been working on (as a gift for my dad's wife), and utilized my new rotary cutter. There is definitely a learning curve with that thing, and WOW is it ever sharp! I accidentally sliced off some of my fingerprint and didn't even know until i saw my little "flag" of skin on my finger. Fortunately it wasn't deep or anything (and it wasn't even bleeding)- it just surprised me!
I made bias tape. I have been putting it off for days. I don't know why. I suppose i'm afraid of failure. I didn't fail per se:

But i was once again thwarted by mathematics. 2" wide, half an inch folded in on each side, then completely folded in half= .5" bias tape.
The apron would have looked better with thicker tape... especially for the strings- BUT i suppose it will do. At least it's finished now! YAAAY!
Perhaps one day i'll have an ironing board of my very own... hahaha!

This morning i got started on a new project, though. A cookbook! As i was rifling through my recipe box, i came across several handwritten recipes by my mother and many more recipes typed on cards from a typewriter by my grandmother. Some are dated (back 30 years), but there's one in there from my great-grandmother (typed by my grandmother, noted on by my mother)... I love these cards so so so much! Some of my favorite memories are of my mom and i cooking/baking together!
The unfortunate (for others) thing is that my mother's handwriting is VERY cursive, and a mix between that and shorthand. I grew up reading it- so there's no problem for me deciphering things, but i worry for posterity.
SO my new project was to laminate these precious recipes in acid free plastic and place them in a cookbook where i will stow them in pockets (to be removed and viewed) but i will also write them out, myself. I will also be adding photos to the book as i create these recipes (part of the plan is to make several of them and take pictures) and putting most of it in my own handwriting, so my future children will have a nice keepsake.

i finished crocheting the wool scarf for V! It's a nice thick bulky yarn, and with a double crochet stitch throughout, it is very thick! In my opinion, it's not too much as long as you dont wrap it around more than once. It's really not made for that, but i know one Polish man who will stay warm this winter! ^_^

Lastly, V and i finalized our food decision for the reception dinner as well as found out from the restaurant that they DO ALLOW us to bring our own cake, which will A.) save some money and B.) make me very happy- allowing for some tradition in our somewhat offbeat wedding plans ^_^
Tomorrow, i'll be able to send in the info to the coordinator and we'll have at least a handful of things finished and set for the wedding:

Dress ✓
Ceremony location ✓
Reception location ✓
Flowers ✓
Photographer ✓

10 November, 2009

Reading issues

As a photographer, it's usually not a good idea to lose important items... like your card reader.

I've been needing to upload over 1,500 photos from the past couple months and just kept shooting. Fortunately, my memory card is 32GB.

This weekend was very fruitful! Friday evening was spent relaxing at my friend Dawn's place. She and her little family always make me smile. She is the mom to the CJ's that you may have read about in an earlier post.

Saturday, i drove to Dayton to help my friend Sharon shoot a wedding and got some awesome shots!

Sunday i attended church at the Vineyard and then decided to take a little "me" time. I checked out some awesome sales at Old Navy, got a little perfume at Victoria's Secret, and spend most of my energy snooping around JoAnn Fabrics & Craft taking advantage of their Veteran's Day sale. I got seven sewing patterns for $1 each! i honestly saved over $100 on patterns alone. I also got a couple yards of flannel to make some green-inspired "monthly" items, which i'm pretty stoked about. Also on sale were some great Gingher dressmakers shears and a super sharp rotary cutter. Mom would be proud! Next item on the agenda- a cutting mat; but that might wait until after i'm across the big blue. For now i'm content cutting in straight lines.

Still need to make the bias tape to finish my step-mother's apron. I had planned to do that tonight but decided that cleaning out my computer's hard drive was very important. Tonight i bought a new card reader since my other one is officially MIA and so far i'm happy with it.
I dumped about 28GB worth of photos from my computer and CompactFlash card to my TB external hard drive and man, does it feel good.
One of these days, i'll discover a way to organize ALLLLLL my photos that are on the external hard drive into neat little rows... because it's chaos in there right now. The only thing that is remotely in order are my bunches and bunches of various other peoples' wedding photos. They are, too- Meticulously so.

Goals for this week:

pay for my cat's blood test ✓
laminate my mother's recipes for my cook book ✓
organize the chaos on the other side of my bed (the side that is hidden from view, heh heh heh)
clean up my chaotic dining area-turned-craftlab.
take my cat to the groomer

these last three will probably not be completed... but they're goals nonetheless 

06 November, 2009

big girl things

Hello big girl things, nice to meet you.

No, i do not mean "big girl things" as in things for girls who are "big". I mean "big" as in "grown up".

How i have lived for 3 years without owning an iron of my very own (or owning hand-me-down cheap ones), i will never know. About 2 years ago i worked as a, for lack of a better word that comes to mind, 'housekeeper' for a fairly wealthy, wonderful couple in Washington state. Among many things, i did some of their ironing- and let me tell you... i was skeptical at first about this giant heavy thing they used as an iron. It was the first time i had ever laid eyes on the Rowenta, and it looked something like this:

the bottom part that the iron sits on is a water vessel for the amazing steam power that this iron produces... I dont know the schematics of it- but i had never ironed, REALLY ironed until the day i used this glorious iron.

Today, i purchased my very own Rowenta...

It is a TRAVEL sized bugger and WOW! it works great! It's so comfortable to use and the water goes right into the handle. Speaking of which, COMFY! What a great way to press clothes. My hand is at just the right angle to use it without making my forearm feel all achy.
it's light and heats up quick- it also has a little switch to go from 120v to 240v! So all i'll need is a wall adapter, and i can take it to Ireland with us. We'll have an iron!

I had been sewing an apron for my stepmother and as i sewed the ties for it i kept thinking of how handy it would be to iron them first... how much nicer my seams would look. *dream, dream, dream*
i didn't want to go out and purchase a new iron (or a used one)for obvious reasons and i hate to ask to borrow a friend's (because i'm terrible at remembering to return appliances), but when i saw this... and it has a switch to change voltages- it was love.
I was able to press out the unsightly crease from the fabric being folded onto the bolt and went ahead and pressed the ties straight. While i was at it, i thought i might as well press open my seams! Dont even ask me how i had planned to make bias tape.
What have i done all these years?!
I must admit though- i've been doing all this ironing atop a folded towel on my dining table. Heaven forbid i should have to iron a sleeve without creases! lol!

I just think it will be nice to iron a shirt or a skirt without having to try and hang it in my bathroom during a shower. It's small enough to bring it with me on little vacations and business trips where there may not be an iron present. I'm just super happy with my purchase today!

catching up a little...

Whew! I can't believe it's November already! Where does the time even go? In about 65 days, i will be in ALASKA surrounded by friends and loved ones! Wow.
Dress, check. It's a champagne color A-line that i bought off of a website from China for cheapsies. It is gorgeous and there will soon be photos for you to see and adore. ;-)

Seriously... it's on my list to do. Post photos, that is. I have misplaced my card reader and have no idea how to hook my camera up to my computer (wow. did i just say i don't know how to do something on the computer?) let alone know where the cords are to do so. Among the missing items in my inventory are:
Card Reader
Camera Cord
Battery Charger

I have been sewing a lot and "crafting" if you will, lately. I've been really looking forward to some domestic time and loving to find new ways to occupy my fingers. My late mother was a seamstress and some of my fondest memories are of us sewing and crafting together. She was a stay at home mom always teaching me new and excellent things.
Recent projects include stuffed animals of various nature. I made a crazy looking "VooDoo Cat" for V:

a heffalump:

a monkey:

(well, this was before he was all put together ;-))

and what my young friends (the CJ's ages 8 & 12) call the "black tomato":

Last night i started making and apron for my stepmother from this pattern:

and also to crochet a scarf out of white yarn for my dad... why he wants a white scarf, i do not know- BUT he wants one and that's what matters :-)

hello again blog...

how are you?

haven't seen you in a while...

and i dont know- a lot has happened in the past couple months since i last wrote, so suffice to say- this is a new beginning.

Hi. My name is Shannon. I am a crafty, happy, engaged, American, social butterfly. I like to cook and clean and sew, and do all things "domestic". I have tattoos and gauged ears, and every 6 weeks or so, i dye my hair a new color ;-)
In about 5 weeks, i am going to be married in Alaska to the love of my life, "V" who has swept me off my feet and is whisking me away to Ireland to live, love, and start our future together!

Welcome to my adventures!

10 October, 2009


this is the sky a few nights ago. it was super amazing and cleared up just in time for sunset!
i was distracted by how awesome it was and didn't take pictures in a straight line... oh well. better luck next time!

I had a job interview for a blood bank to be a scheduler. The interview went well... let's hope it works out and they decide to call me back!!!

Fall is here! i can't believe i haven't gone out with my camera recently. it's just that it's been rainy and gloomy here for the past few weeks and i just can't shake the funk. I've been taking to turning on all the lights in the house so that i can feel better.

*this post was originally published on the same date in 2007*

17 July, 2009

Laryngitis. Boo.

I have an inflamed Larynx. What's up with that?
i blame the cold i had for exactly 2 seconds. I've had this lovely, raspy voice since Monday. I know it's not that long, but i'm soooo ready for it to heal already. Mainly because i sing a lot... not well, mind you (hence the voice lesson) but i like to sing. In the car, in the shower, whatever- i hum and sing all day.
With this malady i am unable to do any of it. I can't even shout!

However, i'm sure that i could come up with a character to use in improv with this voice. An old, smoking granny has been suggested... lol

The good thing is that it doesn't hurt. So no complaints there. I just get tired of sounding like Rachael Ray.

07 July, 2009


As a kid, it seems that my parents and i moved a LOT. i mean, a LOOOOT. No, i was not a military kid, although sometimes i'm tempted to just answer "yes" to inquirers because it would easier.
My dad was an electrical contractor. Wherever the business was, we had to go. Whether it was living illegally above our office space to save rent, living with other families, in trailer parks, or scraping by whilst living on little to no electricity at camp in Alaska- i can say it's been an adventure. We always always always had a roof over our head and always had food, and most of all, we had love. I'm not complaining. Not even a little!
What i'm trying to say is that i've grown accustomed to being a pappus of sorts... floating somewhere to stay for a while, and when the wind picks up- off i go again. Even when i've been in relationships (ie. husband and long term boyfriend) we moved places, often once a year. The longest i've ever stayed in one place has been about a year to a year and a half.

The time has come though--- Yes, i've been in Ohio for 9 months and i've already moved once within that timeframe (to an apartment, out of my best friends' home)... but it doesn't seem like enough. I admit that i hated moving while i was doing it- but i also loved it. I loved the fact that i was able to whittle my life down into small manageable pieces.
I hated having to start over again- buying furniture, finding an apartment, paying the "first time customer" fees for utilities.
It seems the good outweigh the bad.

Cincinnati is a place that you either love or you dont, i've learned. I know many people who love it for its nuances. I can appreciate what they see in the city... but i dont love it. In fact, i'm ready to go.

At this point in my little existence, picking up and moving away seems like the most exciting thing ever! Right now, i am not tied into school or a marriage- i'm still a free person. I could save up for 2 or 3 months- cut down to the absolute basics, and move to Switzerland if i wanted. Last year before i made the decision to move to Ohio, i was looking for a major change. I seriously researched joining the Peace Corps. I honestly looked in earnest for schools overseas that taught photography so i could continue my studies and "justify" going somewhere like London, Ireland, or Scotland. I researched being an au pair, and lamented that i didn't pay closer attention during my French lessons...
I've even considered calling my friend Anne, in France, who works as an English teacher- to ask her to help me arrange something.
It's not that i dont love America and that's why i want to leave. That's not the case at all! I have been strongly considering moving somewhere like Maine or North Carolina, to be near the ocean. Just that moving to a completely new country seems like a challenge- an adventure. New environment, stories, background, history, people, language, lifestyle, diet.

Inevitably, i always end up missing people. But to be honest- growing up, i got used to it. The pain ebbs, the tears slow, and life moves forward.

18 June, 2009

do re mi fa so la ti

Yesterday i had my first ever voice lesson. I decided i was tired of people telling me not to sing because they dont like it. Too bad, folks.
My instructor is also my improv coach! Which to me, is pretty cool.
Missy is great. She is a huge wealth of awesome knowledge and i marvel at her amazingness! She always comes up with something new for me to be excited about. For instance, when i met her, she was just an improv coach (from my perspective). In learning more about her and her life struggles and triumphs, i appreciate her more and more. Recently i found out she is a voice coach too! I immediately signed up for a lesson. When i got to the lesson, i discovered she plays the piano and earned a degree playing the clarinet... Amazing. She has a PR company too, on top of her already busy life, and loves to help out the members of her improv groups with their various upcoming projects. AND!! SHE'S GOOD AT IT!

Her life is truly one that i admire. Though her days recently have been rough with some personal trials- her life is still one that is filled with music and laughter throughout. It really is inspiring.
But i digress...

I have been worried about this lesson since the day i scheduled it. I was excited at first- then i told some of my friends (who immediately had pity on my poor instructor), then i had a few doubts... then it turned into worry... self confidence issues, and dread.
I kept almost calling her to cancel, but my politeness kept me from doing it. Not to mention i wanted to say that i went to a voice lesson (no matter how bad i sound).
Finally the day came, and i pushed myself to go. I figured if i got there and didn't end up having the lesson- i'd still pay her for her time and she and i have plenty to talk about.
Walking up her front steps, i realized something: I have to sing in front of her. Oh dear!!
As soon as i got there, we began with scales and discussed that as a 24 year old it's a weird time for my voice and i sound fuzzy (but she can fix it! lol) in some areas. Overall she made me feel better because her eardrums didn't immediately bleed.
She gave me some stuff to work on and a piece of music to dally with... I'll schedule my next lesson as soon as i have the money.

Look at that! i'm planning to go to another lesson! hehehe... this will be good.

12 June, 2009

Please help me serve the Lord

Hi there, wonderful friends and family!

Through prayer and much deliberation, i feel that i have been led to participate in a mission trip to serve our Lord with the Vineyard Community Church to Dungannon, Ireland this summer! In August, a group including myself and about 20-25 others will travel to Ireland to lead a Youth Outreach Conference with a sister Vineyard Church there.

Part of what we will do includes:

hosting a kid’s club to reach out to children in the community;

reaching out to the elderly through service projects and nursing home visits;

grocery outreaches where we are able to give food away to those in need;

Praying for the sick and others in the community.

This trip will be quite a challenge, but has the potential to change lives forever, and turn hearts to Christ as we go to help meet both physical and spiritual needs of the people of Ireland. This mission is very important as we take upon us God’s challenge to go into all the world… teaching and baptizing in His name.

I’m writing this letter to humbly ask for your support in making it possible for me to go on this amazing journey. The first and most important support you can give me is prayers. Please spend some time speaking to God and pray for me as I prepare for the trip, and as I depart, (if you're willing). I know God will bless your prayers and the efforts of the team I will be a part of and me. A major part of being a missionary is raising our own support. The idea is to learn what it is like to depend on God to make the trip possible, and it encourages you to be personally involved.

Obviously, it costs quite a bit to go on a trip like this. By June 21, I am hoping to find several people who are willing to contribute $50 towards the trip or if you feel led to contribute a greater or lesser amount, that would also be wonderful. $50 from each person I am contacting would help to cover the cost of airfare, ground transportation, food, supplies, and lodging. The approximate trip cost for each person is $1,700.

Would you be willing to be one of my supporters? If so, please click on the link below to be directed to a paypal account where you can donate. All contributions are tax deductible. Thank you so much for considering this, and also for your encouragement, support, and prayers. I will be sure to keep you updated with photos and other info as I embark on this life changing adventure!

In Him,


11 June, 2009

Blessed to be chosen.

All my life, i have been blessed to be chosen. When i was a kid, some other kkid made a snide comment about the fact that i was adopted. i retaliated by saying "well- my parents got to CHOOSE me. yours were stuck with what they got."

lol! what a mean thing to say. But for me- that particular zing was one in a line of very few. i'm not much for the insults.

BUT anyhow- i was fortunate to be adopted into a loving family that was not into drugs or alcohol. They gave me the best life they could for what they had.

it applies to what i do today as a freelance photographer... i am literally chosen by a bride because she likes the way i take photos, and as a fair individual- i tend to work with a budget. i love to receive phone calls with questions about pricing and what's included. I love hearing the words "we'd really like you to shoot our wedding."

music to my ears.

17 April, 2009

just an update.

Well things are going swimmingly. I'm dating a new guy who's pretty cool. The difficult thing with that is figuring out where my heart lies in the whole thing. I feel like things are moving pretty fast and i just am deathly afraid to be hurt again. Not to mention that my brain keeps telling me discouraging things like "hey! you like to be single!"

I have to go to Washington State next week. Ugh. I had sublet my apartment and the tenants are being dumb and not responding to me. SO i decided that this was as good a time as any to fly out to the ole "WA" and tie up some loose ends. The awesome thing about it (other than the fact that i'll be gone from OHIO for a couple days) is that i'll get to see some old friends. One in particular, i'm really looking forward to seeing and talking to.

ALSO i get to see my sister, nephew, and cat! oh! i'm just beside myself with excitement that i might be able to bring my little kitty home with me this time. I'm still waiting to hear back from my best friend's brother (who is helping me out with the plane ticket with his amazing connections) to find out the restrictions on flying pets. But i know she'll have to go to the vet sometime before i get there and get all her little shots and immunizations up to date.
I worry because she is a Persian with a super flat face, and flying with her scares me. I would be devastated if anything happened to her. I feel bad because i can't give her a sedative to chill her out on the flight either because of risks like... oh i dunno... DEATH. Poor puss. I hope it all works out. I would love to have her home.

I got my tattoo finished! yaaaay! it's super pretty and i can't wait to post some pictures of it here.

Other than that, i'm just working away. i should probably get back to doing that...

03 April, 2009

it's raining.

Ahh i love rain.
my favorite is Big Ole Fat Rain that falls and drenches me, head to toe- like a shower. Of course if i'm afraid of getting drenched because of a nice outfit or what have you, i'll bring an umbrella- but for the most part, i'm the one you'll see walking around town, face up towards the sky, arms outstretched, taking it all in. Rain is such a glorious thing.

I also love the sunshine, but i have fair skin. You see, if i stay in the sun without a long sleeved shirt, sunscreen, and a wide-brimmed hat, i will fry in only a matter of minutes. Case in point: Wednesday afternoon was a very beautiful sunny day. My friend and boss and i all decided to sit out in the sun for lunch. Mind you, lunch is only 30 minutes. By the time we all got our food heated and got out to the warehouse doors, there was only about 20 minutes left.
I sat in the sun for twenty measly minutes and ended up having pink arms about an hour later.

I'm the only person i know who can go outside on a cloudy day and still manage to come home sunburned.

14 March, 2009

the shape of change.

Perhaps some people dont realize or appreciate what a different (for the better) person i have become in six months. I'm noticing that shadows of my past are trying to come back and haunt me- what they don't seem to notice, is that i'm not the same person who cast that shadow. If a square casts a square shadow- it's completely understandable. But when the square chips off it's corners and becomes a ball, the shadow changes too.
I feel like i'm a ball on a cloudy day (no shadow) and my square shadow is chasing me as i roll along the road.
Besides. i'm not looking for a shadow. I'm looking for an equal.

Things i needed/settled for/wanted when i was still in my old life are not the same things i need/won't settle for/want now.
I know what i want. I know what i need. I know where i want to go in life (sort of) and i know who/what/attributes will hold me back from where i want to be.
I know what kind of life i want and to be honest- i've worked really hard to start that life since i've been here.
I'm digging myself out of debt, pulling myself closer to God, standing on my own two feet, and working hard at my life. I need someone who is responsible, loves God as much as i do, and is stable! I need someone i can look up to... i'm done feeling held back.

Not only that- but i'm not looking to waste time in my already short life by molding someone into what i want them to be. A good relationship is about compromise, yes- but it shouldn't be about changing from a square to a dodecahedron because it's a vague resemblance of a ball.
A ball needs a ball (or an oval, or an oblate ellipsoid)...

if that square shadow wants to follow me around- fine. i dont mind being the inspiration and support to become something better for the shadow. But i'm not looking for a 2D resemblance of what i used to be. I need the real thing.

09 March, 2009

sorting through hope.

I finally went through all my boxes! Three moves across the United States have whittled my earthly possessions from what they once were to merely a few boxes, but you know what? Having only a few boxes and knowing exactly what is in each of them is much more satisfying than having a bunch of "stuff" sitting in unlabeled boxes which you kinda remember the gist of what is in them.
My best friend helped me label and sort many of my boxes after i was able to empty a few of them onto a bookshelf that i purchased for myself this past week.
I got rid of ALL my cardboard boxes and two of my plastic tubs. I literally narrowed it down from about 20 tattered cardboard boxes (some of which have been in use since 1989, no joke) to about 10.
I cut down, resorted, and slimmed my junk by 50%! Do you realize how strangely liberating that is?
Liberating and a little depressing (only a little) that i can fit my entire life into ten plastic tubs and a bookshelf.
I always loved seeing my parents' old childhood things. I marveled at their teenage diaries, old love letters, clothes, art, music, knick-knacks... and was almost always sad that there wasn't MORE to see!!
i never understood why they didn't keep more of it! So as a kid, teen, and young adult- i set aside many things for my kids to see. Old toys, books, clothes, art...
i had quite a few boxes of "things" that i couldn't wait to show my kiddos.

Well... as i got older and started to move things on my own, i found less of the things i thought were important a long time ago worth another move. Worth the cost of another trip, another postage fee, or another plea to a friend to keep for a few months/weeks/years.
I still have some things- mostly books and clothes (which i know will not be very interesting to my children)... and i have an entire box of barbies and doll clothes. We all know that if i have only boys, that box will have been saved strictly for my own enjoyment years down the road lol!

It's funny what things end up moving from place to place. My hope chest comes to mind...
This is one of my four pieces of furniture (chest, dresser, side table, new bookshelf) and the ONLY one that has made it through every single move.
It belonged to my grandmother. Her parents bought it for her when she was married. My grandmother gave it to my mother when she was married. My mother passed it down to me when i moved out of the house with my (now ex)husband on my arm...
this weekend i cleaned it out. It has carried things from my past in it since after the divorce.
I re-purposed it to hold my linens, including blankets made for my future children by my mother. It's nice to be able to open it often now. Previously, i only opened it once every few months.

It is made of cedar, and every time i open it, the smell of cedar comes rushing out of it and a wave of good memories wash over me. Memories of when i was small and "helped" my mother take china out of it to set the table with. Memories from teenage years and picking out things to go in it with my mom for my future life... I believe it will always be my favorite piece of furniture.

05 March, 2009


I find it fairly coincidental that i have free internet... i'm very excited about this discovery.

My roommate's boyfriend has a macbook who's charger fits my computer. I have made an accord- use of his laptop charger in exchange for use of my iPhone charger. i think it's a pretty good deal. At least for a few hours.
He informed me that today he found full wireless through a neighbor's apartment for the low low bargain price of $0.

Tonight after work, my best friend and i went to the store to pick up the makin's for our Wednesday night ritual: Lost and Guacamole night. We also picked up the accoutrements for homemade burritos Chipotle Restaurant style (i have my very own recipe that i concocted and it is awesome, if i do say so myself). As we meandered through the aisles, we happened upon a tea section- I with my horribly sore throat from being sick decided upon some herbal tea.

I have to say, the effects are definitely wünderbar. Instant. Relief.
the ingredients are:
Organic Licorice Root, Organic Fennel Seed, Organic Wild Cherry Bark, Organic Cinnamon Bark, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Slippery Elm Bark, Organic Cardamom Seed, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Mullein Leaf, Organic Clove Bud, Organic Black Pepper... can you tell it's an organic tea? LOL

It's a naturally sweet tea. I'll admit that upon first sip, i was not very into it- but i love the aftertaste. Once it hits the rear tastebuds- it's awesome! Not to mention, my throat feels awesome while i drink it.

Tonight i was able to take my best friend's and my love-child home. hehe! By love-child, i mean plant... and by plant, i mean Avocado.
You see, my best friend and i have a love for avocados. We eat about 3-4 a week and try to put them in things like salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and of course guacamole. I have a special recipe (involving cottage cheese- stop grimacing) that is really yummy!
I decided that my Christmas gift to my best friend was going to be a growing Avocado plant. I "planted" three or four pits in different ways- but to no avail. I started them early into November and by the following month, nothing was happening. I was a bit discouraged.
Well, i went to California in December to visit another friend of mine. He showed me around a little and we ended up finding these enormous orchards of avocados! it was a dream come true! I purchased the biggest avocado i could find for my best friend as a souvenir and went on my merry way.
One night after i came home from vacation- out of desperation, we cut the avocado open only to find that it was not yet ripe... to our dismay, we placed both halves back in the fridge in hopes that it would ripen.
three days later, we open the halves only to see that the pit had sprouted ROOTS! So we placed it in a jar with toothpicks- and here we have a GROWING AVOCADO TREE almost 7 weeks later!

the other day, it had two additional leaves sprouting from the top. After doing some research, the suggestion we found most often was to pinch off the top leaves to encourage the other shoots to grow from the trunk.
We pinched two of the three leaves off- but couldn't bear to pinch off the third.
Today, (three days later) the leaf had doubled in size, and the other shoots were still smallish- so i begrudgingly pinched it off. Now it looks like a plain ole stock. LOL!
My best friend and i hope to plant it in some soil within the week!
We have named our love-child "Kado".

Kado made the journey from her house to my apartment today to escape the possibility of her cats munching off any new growth, and is now sitting in my window sill waiting for some morning sunshine :-)

I can't wait to see how nicely Kado grows as an indoor plant. Maybe someday we'll have some fruit!

04 March, 2009

not very connected...

Hi, my name is Shannon. I have an addiction to being connected.

I have moved into my new apartment! yaaay! i could have really used more hands, but i wont complain. On a week's notice- i still got everything moved in one day. There were a couple helpers from my group of friends, and i sincerely appreciate them.
BUT as we know, things go missing in a move.

The thing i miss the most, is my brain. HAHA just kidding (but seriously, i really miss it)- I lost my computer cord. SO my poor little MacBook is sitting at home in its case slowly dying. I know that if i dont find it this week i'll have to go buy another. Then inevitably, i'll find my old one the very next day. Funny how that works. Maybe i should just PRETEND to buy a new one and i'll find the old one?

My best friend came over the other day to help me with the apartment, and we decided that she would be the most help assisting me with shopping.
For food.
We went on an adventure to find value marts and thrift stores. I have to say... as much as i love to save a dollar here and there- i really am not a big fan of the value mart in general. They are mostly dirty places with questionable produce... Speaking of which:

Really?! 25 pounds of LARD?! What exactly do you do with 25 pounds of Lard? it reminds me of a picture i found long ago that i thought was especially absurd:

Happy?! *sigh*

On another note, we went to Jungle Jims too. I was inspired to go on a tea spree. I've never been a big fan of tea, but recently i have found a tea called "Good Earth- Sweet and Spicy"... alas. i can't seem to find it ANYWHERE. *hangs head*
However, i stumbled upon the ENGLAND section of Jungle Jims and was fronted with a WALL of tea. Mostly different teas. Caffeinated and Non-Caffeinated. Awesome and delicious and non-awesome and delicious (sounding).
If you know anything about me, though- you know that Caffeine is generally not a good thing for me. I'm fairly high strung so a natural high is one that i'm always riding... a caffeine high usually makes me buzz and work super fast for about an hour, only to let me down hard afterward.
therefore, i decided that based purely on the label: this particular tea was not for me.

i settled on some nice Peppermint tea to start with, and went with that.

27 February, 2009

a nervous bird...

Like a nervous bird plucks its feathers out when it feels anxiety- i pick at my skin. LOOK WHAT I'VE DONE TO MYSELF!!!
*hangs head in shame*

I'm actually bleeding!

All this because my work environment has been stressful this week and it finally hit me today (emotionally).

26 February, 2009


   [drah-muh, dram-uh]

1. any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results: the drama of a murder trial.
2. the quality of being dramatic.

I do my best to lead a drama free existence. I don't do shady things, i don't lie or steal, i'm modest, and i don't deal with toxic people. I try my best to have a strict NO DRAMA rule.

However, i am a magnet for two things: Drama, and Bad Customer Service. (both are unrelated)

I dont know why drama insists on following me, but i suppose i'm learning that no matter what kind of life you lead, there will always be something. Unfortunately, i am dealing with drama in my workplace. It's a painfully uncomfortable, irregularly shaped square (i'd say triangle, but there are more of us involved...) where one person needs to talk to another and the manager needs to talk to both of them, and my friend and i are on the other corner wondering why the heck we got involved at all.
It's stupid. Not only am i placed in a position where it's uncomfortable to work, but it's just emotionally taxing for me, as much as i try to keep all of that out of it.


21 February, 2009

a very good day thus far...

WOW! What a great day!
i fill like blogging about it just might jinx it, but hey! it's worth a shot. the day is almost over anyway :-)

Firstly, I have been praying diligently that God would help my roommate and i find a suitable place to live. We have searched high and low for an apartment in our price range only to find them all in sketchy places. Safety for a couple of girls is important. It's always nice to feel safe where one lives. Today, our prayers were answered! An apartment that is about a mile from where i work is available. It is everything that we hoped for- has all the amenities that we wanted, and as an added bonus, it has a great view!
We put down a deposit to hold the apartment, paid our application fee, and walked away with joy.

After that, we went to Ikea! We looked around for a little while before my roommate and her boyfriend had to leave. I was just about to leave, when my friend told me he was on his way to Ikea too! It was fun to chat a little and walk around Ikea with him and his kiddos. I also made a purchase. Behold! My new lamp in all its splendor!
i decided that a desk lamp is difficult to wake up to. Too bright.
Now i'm looking around my room and thinking about all the lighting i have... I received a floor lamp for Christmas, I have the office lamp (that doubles as my iPhone charger), and several strands of Christmas lights in the shape of stars that i plug in periodically.
Fortunately, i rarely have them all burning at once, but it certainly is nice to have all this light to choose from :-)

Another nice thing that happened was i got to speak to my father today. He and i don't always see eye to eye as far as my life goes... But today when i told him of my plans to go on a mission this summer, and of my love for the Lord- he sounded proud of me. He was genuinely happy for my joy and told me he wanted to cry for happiness.
Coming from my father- this is a big deal for me.

So i want you to look up in the sky tonight. I'll be the one who's over the moon with delight in how wonderfully this day has been.

18 February, 2009

Jesus and Chocolate make me happy.

I have felt such an amazing closeness to God recently. It's been outstanding! I challenged myself to pray more, to pray with more meaning, and to put my mind and heart in the right places.
In a sense, get more in touch with my "spiritual".

I have. It is wonderful. I can't help but feel like i'm supposed to be worth something. I'm supposed to make a difference.

When i was young, i was raised to believe that as a young adult i was supposed to go on a church mission to another place and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was supposed to share God's love with others. When i got married, i was no longer allowed to go, so it was just a dream that never got to be realized. How i longed to go though... i wanted it with my heart. Insomuch that whenever i tithed, i paid money towards a "missionary fund" that my church created to help pay for those who wanted to go but couldn't financially.

I am a divorcé and no longer attend my childhood church for personal reasons. However, i have found a church that i DO feel at home in. A place where i DO feel like i truly belong. I feel motivated to help and be part of a community of Christians.
I've made a big decision in my life that took a lot of emotion and a lot (i mean, a LOT) of true, honest to God, soul searching. I had to find myself again. I had to let God touch my heart again. I had been closed off for so long.
My decision is to be baptized! What better symbol of leaving my old life behind and starting anew with Jesus than baptism?

I look forward to my baptism (which is the weekend after Easter) with all the anticipation of a giddy child the night before Christmas. In my heart, i've already come to Christ. I am already there- i just get butterflies to think that i'm "announcing" my new life in front of God and EVERYONE!

Moreover, i am excited that i will be putting in an application to join a mission trip to Dungannon, Ireland this summer. The plan is to team up with our sister church there and rush their community with love and service through God. I can't wait to turn in my application and see what God will have me do.

08 February, 2009

taking little things for granted.

Little things like being able to pick up an item from the floor, bending over to tie your shoes, emptying the dishwasher... these are daily tasks that when one throws out their back- they are no longer able to do.

Last night, i threw out my back. It wasn't the worst thing ever. I've done it before- had to relax for a day- and move on with life, right? Well this time in particular was no different... until today.
I went apartment shopping with my new roommate today and yes, my back hurt the entire time- but i could still walk. I could get in and out of her car. I traversed stairs. No problem.
The trouble came when i got home to help set up for the Ugly Sweater Party. I bent to empty the cat boxes. Pain. I went downstairs to collect garbage (which involves bending). Pain! I bent over to get something for Ashley... PAIN. It was the last thing that did me in though.
I went to go upstairs, lifted my leg for the first step--- couldn't move. Tried to shift my weight to the other leg... wasn't happening. Basically, i was very stuck where i was. The repeated attempts to get somewhere (i like to try to convince myself that it's all in my head and still do things despite the pain) were excruciating to the point of frustrated tears. i finally lost my balance, unable to correct it- i landed on the stair landing right on my contusion (from a year ago that is horrible. do. not. touch) which is on my leg, and jarred my back even further which was the most intense, violent pain that i have ever, EVER experienced.
Sobs were issued, for all i could do was kneel on my hands and knees and cry- but crying hurt. Sobbing ACHED because it jerked my back. I was embarrassed because i couldn't move out of the position i was in- and worst of all, i felt like a jerk because this was supposed to be my party, and i couldn't help.

It took everything i had in me to move off the landing and lay on the floor next to the stairs. I cried for a couple minutes- moaned in pain... you know... wuss stuff (lol) and after composing myself- decided to call a friend of mine who is a massage therapist and was attending my party.

In broken english (broken because i had to stop and cry out now and then because my back would tense up and hurt beyond words) i asked him if he would be able to help. He said, "i'll be there in an hour."
and he was!

he brought his massage table and everything! more or less, LIFTED me onto the massage table and seriously did something that was magical.

After he was finished, i was still in pain- but to a much lesser degree. I could at least walk. With his help- i was able to go upstairs and join the party-
As the party continued, my back improved!
It still hurts to bend, laugh, and twist- but i can walk. i can lift things from waist height, and i can go up and down stairs without much ado.

The party was a success. Thanks to my best friend and her husband who were wonderful enough to pick up my slack in cleaning the house and getting everything organized after my back incident. We had 29 guests, and have about 25 ugly sweaters to donate to goodwill.
We had hearing friends and deaf friends alike, all of which were awesome and with the help of those of us who are hearing and can sign, (including myself, there were three of us) we were able to get everyone's points across.
I had a lot of fun- and after everyone left, i was actually able to help clean up, which made me feel better.

06 February, 2009

ahh... widget blogging. Truly a wonderful invention. It allows me to take my thoughts during the work day and place them in one little place. 

First, i would like to say how excited i am for Saturday! I am meeting with a friend i met through church to discuss the details of moving in together as roommates. I have no qualms about living with my best friend (with whom i currently reside) but i feel bad because i moved in just one month after they purchased their new home. Not to mention i miss my cat. I would like very much to have her here with me.

Health coverage! Ahh! i would like to have it, considering i haven't since nineteen ninety never. I looked up some rates online though, and these people will not stop calling me! AND they're pushy to boot. Sometimes i just want to yell into the phone, "Hellooo! i can't afford a doctors visit (if i had to make one), obviously finances are tight! Give me some time to think it over!". i'm sure that would not make someone's day.

05 February, 2009


I dont know about you, or others... but i believe myself to have anxiety. No, i have not been diagnosed. No, i didn't look it up on the internet and become a hypochondriac. I have had a weird feeling almost daily (sometimes multiple times daily) that makes my heart beat faster, increases my breathing, and gives me something i can only describe as vertigo or uncomfortable butterflies in my chest. Sometimes it's frightening, most of the time i can control it. Usually it is not situational, in fact i believe one has to feel stress in order to be anxious... which makes me doubt myself. I'm a very laid back individual. I have my moments where i get frustrated with a situation- but they are very infrequent and rarely does day-to-day life bother me in the slightest.
I am a young adult that has had some rough moments- as such, i am not amazingly financially stable, my car has impending trouble, and i am on the search for an apartment- these things, i understand, stress other young adults out. Any combination of the above might be enough to send an acquaintance of mine into a tizzy about the possibility of a lost job or car... to me- these things are part of life and i frequently apply my motto "Life is too short to be unhappy."
it is my belief that this motto has kept me at an emotional plateau.
I do not know how to deal with this Anxiety other than offer it up to God and pray that he takes it from me.

Often times- it has helped. Others, not.
I wish i knew a way to keep it from happening on a daily basis. It surprises me that i can be sitting calmly (like now) not concentrating on anything terribly difficult... and suddenly feel the effects.
I suppose i'll just deal with it until otherwise informed on the matter. I do not consider it a hindrance to my lifestyle and i've been dealing with it since i can remember.

Speaking of dealing with things... i think it has come to a time where i need to schedule an oil change. LOL!
Actually it weighs on my mind every time i drive my poor car. I drove it from Seattle almost the entire way across the country in September- it is now January. I have checked the oil levels, when it's low, i add the appropriate amount of oil... You know- there was a time when i could change my own oil. I could go to the store and buy the right oil, the filter, and all that jazz.
There was a time i was unafraid.
That time was a very long time ago.
Insomuch that i have a goal to make time this week to take my poor, poor car to WalMart and have its ghastly black tar changed for something a bit lighter in color. There was a place in Washington state that i liked called Oil Can Henry's. They treated me and my Blueberry (for that is the name of my car) like royalty. They refilled all my fluids, checked all my connections, changed my oil, and washed my windows. They gave me a free newspaper, and a cup of coffee (if only i drank it...), and all this for the bargain price of $35!
This does not include the $5 coupon that i received each time as an incentive to return.

Oh Oil Can Henry's... how i miss thee.


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