01 March, 2011

having a "day after"

Boyolla, i have sore baby cows.

They were sore after last night's run, and got progressively more sore throughout the evening, then this morning... well... they're not as bad as last night. Going up and down our stairs is not so fun... Here's hoping that tomorrow's run will not be excruciating.

I did some calculations and found that if i'm good and stick to running tomorrow and Friday, i won't actually have to worry about running alongside a road in England somewhere. We'll be back on Monday in the afternoon, so there's plenty of time. Hooray!

Today's agenda includes laundry, cleaning, and possibly some YOGA to stretch myself out and limber up. All i have for "instruction" is a YogaX (from P90X) DVD and an old Denise Austin "Personal Training System" where Yoga is used for 5 minutes as a stretching exercise. Talk about one extreme to the next!
I'm thinkin' i might find something in the middle online, if i do end up doing some yoga today.

I'm also waiting for the mailman to bring me some shirring elastic for a little project coming up. My little "workshop" has been busy preparing some things to sell on Etsy! I'll let you know when they're finished :)


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