03 April, 2011

One Person's Trash...

This weekend has been full of treasure finding. V and I went to Cork city on Saturday to find some shoes for a little girl's dress that i sewed (and did not take photos of... stupid me), and look around at the second hand shops. Our main item to find was a pair of new jeans for V. All of his work jeans have holes in them. I mean ALL of them.

I tried to fix them, but honestly, they didn't look any better and I was a little embarrassed to have him go to work in the ones I had "fixed". So we decided that for the low price of 2-6 Euros, we could afford a few new pairs.
So far we have found two pairs of jeans, and V is almost hesitant to wear them to work because he likes them so much and doesn't want to ruin them!

I found three books, two shirts, and a skirt in Cork that I am pleased with. Above, I am modeling a shirt and holding the rest of my loot. The red shirt I found was still hanging out to dry.

Today we went to the Rathcormac car boot sale. For those who don't know, a car boot sale is basically a field with a couple hundred people selling their crap unwanted items out of the backs of their cars, or on a blanket on the grass, or however they set it up. Sometimes we find something and sometimes we don't - mostly it's fun just to go look.
We hit gold today though! Have a look!

I have plans for that frame - as it is, it's horrible. Three, 3 litre glass jars, a kitchen scale, an (empty) cat dish, and an Xbox360 game! All for about 20 Euros. I can't wait to wash the jars and put pantry items in them. It's always fun to reorganize the pantry - even if the rest of my house isn't that organized... :)

Also, we went to Lidl (a grocery store - think upscale Aldi), and got some juice...

Ok... maybe some is an understatement. What can i say? We really like grape juice... when it's fermented. Check back soon to see the beginnings of our wine-making project!


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