16 April, 2011


Here I sit, with much to be done, and not knowing where to start. The perfect solution? Blog.

I booked my ticket already - so that's one less thing to worry about. I should be packing right now. You know... since I leave in oh, 3 hours.

Instead, I'm watching Bilbo investigate my spinning wheel and eat tiny pieces of roving off the floor. I imagine he'll have streaks of magenta in his poop later. Great...

I'm off to see my friend Anne, whom I haven't seen in 13 years, in Dublin. What feels like forever ago, Anne came to live with my family for nine months as an exchange student from France. Having never had a sister in my house (I do have two sisters, but both are more than 20 years my senior, so they were long gone from the nest when I arrived), I fell in love. Anne was the perfect big sister. We laughed and crafted and did our homework together. We borrowed each others clothes and went on little trips together. It was a blast. That year was one of the best in my life. I'll never forget how wonderful it was to have a sister at home... even if it was short lived.

She is flying to Dublin from France just to see me! I can't wait to see her, but of course I am wondering what we'll say to each other... now that we're older and (I'm) fatter... hahaha

Mostly though, I'm dreading the bus ride up to Dublin. It's a 4 hour journey one way via bus and I'm just not a great traveler lately. I get motion sickness so easily, meaning I can't read or play a game or anything like that. Hello audio books!!
Actually, the best thing I've found to listen to is ambient noise. It really helps me sleep, which is truly the best thing to pass the time on the bus.

I'll be sure to take lots of photos this weekend and post them for you to see :)

Now... I really need to get my butt in gear and go pack.
Wish me luck!


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