12 April, 2011


Mowage is what bwings us togevah, today...

Today, our landlord stopped by to drop off a wonderful thing - a lawnmower! He even left some grass seed, so that I can plant the bare patches of our lawn that are still mud (the previous tenants had a dog who ran/dug holes into the lawn).
As you can imagine, after a few months of growth, our lawn was definitely a jungle.

Notice the little stripe of mowed grass? We started the lawnmower up to see if it actually worked. To my very great delight, it does!!! As soon as the landlord left, I transformed the lawn from the above photo, to the below...

Now if only I had a strimmer (weed-whacker) to go around the edges... but I won't press my luck with the landlords. They're already so nice. I don't want to make them feel like I'm trying to take advantage of their wonderfulness.

I went around the lawn once on the highest setting of the mower, and I'll probably go back over it again this week on a lower setting. I love mowing the lawn. I really do - though I always feel a little like the Hulk halfway through transformation when I'm finished...

Also... do you notice my potted plants?! This weekend was sooo nice. I took the opportunity to get out and put our bushes into pots instead of the plastic bags they've been sitting in since we moved. The bush by the shed is Blueberry, the ones on the right are Gooseberry and White Currant. I also planted some lettuce - four different varieties - in some pots and even some flowers!
On the right, you can see the box we'll be putting our strawberries in this weekend (the strawberries are just sitting in buckets - which you can see at the top of the photo above). Not a big garden this year, unfortunately but I'm glad to trade having to walk through an actual jungle and fighting with nettles (and obnoxious, nasty landlords) for having a nice lawn and a few plants. Not to mention a garden shed brought in specially for us and sweet landlords who are ready and willing to fix any problems or reasonable requests we may have.
I think this autumn, we might build a nice little raised bed against that back fence to do some fall planting for things we were too late with this spring (I'm looking at you, garlic...) and possibly some pretty flower bulbs to add a little color in preparation for next spring!
Next step, I think, will be to go dig up the pointy weeds in the lawn so I can go out there barefoot and not have to worry too much about where I step when I hang the laundry. The dandelions might just have to go too while I'm at it.

I got a little package in the post today, too!!!

I bought myself 100g of magenta Merino roving to spin into pretty yarn, and a niddy-noddy to make nice, even skeins.
But first... I need to finish the niddy-noddy before I should use it... which means sanding and a bit of wax, for a nice, natural finish. I love projects.

Now, to go fire up the grill and make some yummy vegetarian burgers. Tonight? Enjoying the smells of freshly cut grass and BBQ smoke while spending time with my loved one and kitty! <3

PS. As I logged onto Facbook today to check on my fanpage, I noticed some of you might have sent me messages. Unfortunately, I won't be able to read them until Easter - so if it's important, please email me at hellophoto-at-gmail-dot-com to get in touch!! I miss checking everyone's updates, but my Facebook fast has actually been very, very nice.


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