19 April, 2011

13 years and Dublin

On Saturday, I nervously boarded the bus. Mostly nervous because I hate riding on buses... but also because I was going to be reunited with an old friend after more than a decade of being apart.

Luckily, the bus wasn't too full, and I got to sit by myself for most of the journey... which was beautiful! I listened to my audiobook and watched as the hills and dales of Ireland whizzed by.

Before I knew it, I was in Dublin!!

And greeted by this happy face!
After more than 10 years, somehow she looks exactly the same... I want to know her secret! We had an emotional meeting at Busáras, then went to drop our stuff off at our hostel.

The good things:

We had a "girls only" room
The beds were pretty comfy
We had our own bathroom in the room
Our bunkmates were very quiet
The hostel served free breakfast

The bad things:

The elevator was on its last leg - we thought we were going to die.
Our room was on the street... a street with many pubs in which the pub-goers were loud until well past 4 in the morning
The room was HOT

Definitely the good outweighed the bad though, so all in all, we were pleased. 

Once we settled in, we decided that after a long travel day, we were famished. So we found a new little  restaurant called Bedlam and tried it out. The atmosphere was fun. They had a bunch of magazine pages taped to the ceiling, and their menus were on clipboards.

Because I'm lame, I got what I called "fancy fish and chips", which was really "tempura battered haddock, and basil pesto served on a bed of chips"... or something. At any rate, it was good.

For dessert, I got fudge squares (ok, yes - I slipped on my Lent thing...) with vanilla whipped cream.

Anne is a cheesecake fiend, so you can guess what she got. Sadly though, the cheesecake was just about as good as my picture...

After dinner, we went to a pub called O'Donoghue's. We had seen that they would have live music later that night as we were on the hunt for a dinner location... so we stopped by, and ended up staying well past midnight.
 (above) This fellow was part of a bachelor party who came to the pub for some fun too. He was very eager to show off his Irish dancing skills.... and he ended up losing a shoe because of it!! Finally, we found it and had a little Guinness to celebrate.

We also made friends with "B" from LA, who's studying Journalism here in Ireland. She was about 8 pints in when we got to the pub and was such a funny girl.

After the pub, we crashed hard. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow at 12:30am, which is pretty unusual for me. 

Read part two of our adventure in the next blog!


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