26 November, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year i will be spending my Thanksgiving holiday with my boss. My family is far away and my friends are all with their families for this year's festivities, so my boss has kindly invited me to spend the day eating and celebrating with his family and friends.

Yesterday i was so antzy to get out of work. It was like the last day of school for most of the employees there- not to mention there were far too many children in the office. Haha! Dah keeps the CJs under control but the owner brought in not only his 2 but one other, and it was chaos. They were misbehaved, loud, and disruptive- which was no help to our already waning motivation to be there. Finally, at 4:00pm, my boss comes into the lab and announces that we all can leave early! It was so nice.
Not that i had anything or anyone to hurry home to or anything, but... it was nice not to feel cooped up in the office. I cleaned my bathroom and did the dishes, then made tacos.

Cooking for one is not so fun. One pound of meat is way too much for just me. hahaha! I suppose i forgot this small fact as i cooked it. It was good to have a homemade meal. I still have some Hoppin' John that i made a couple nights ago to finish (another meal where it's hard to make only enough for one), so i must say if i WERE to be alone on Thanksgiving, i wouldn't be going without, that's for sure.

What have i done today? I did laundry and i took a shower... i slept in, and snuggled my cat all morning (which i'm still doing right now, by the way) and it was nice to go down to the community laundry room to find that i am not the only one doing laundry on Thanksgiving :-)


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