10 November, 2009

Reading issues

As a photographer, it's usually not a good idea to lose important items... like your card reader.

I've been needing to upload over 1,500 photos from the past couple months and just kept shooting. Fortunately, my memory card is 32GB.

This weekend was very fruitful! Friday evening was spent relaxing at my friend Dawn's place. She and her little family always make me smile. She is the mom to the CJ's that you may have read about in an earlier post.

Saturday, i drove to Dayton to help my friend Sharon shoot a wedding and got some awesome shots!

Sunday i attended church at the Vineyard and then decided to take a little "me" time. I checked out some awesome sales at Old Navy, got a little perfume at Victoria's Secret, and spend most of my energy snooping around JoAnn Fabrics & Craft taking advantage of their Veteran's Day sale. I got seven sewing patterns for $1 each! i honestly saved over $100 on patterns alone. I also got a couple yards of flannel to make some green-inspired "monthly" items, which i'm pretty stoked about. Also on sale were some great Gingher dressmakers shears and a super sharp rotary cutter. Mom would be proud! Next item on the agenda- a cutting mat; but that might wait until after i'm across the big blue. For now i'm content cutting in straight lines.

Still need to make the bias tape to finish my step-mother's apron. I had planned to do that tonight but decided that cleaning out my computer's hard drive was very important. Tonight i bought a new card reader since my other one is officially MIA and so far i'm happy with it.
I dumped about 28GB worth of photos from my computer and CompactFlash card to my TB external hard drive and man, does it feel good.
One of these days, i'll discover a way to organize ALLLLLL my photos that are on the external hard drive into neat little rows... because it's chaos in there right now. The only thing that is remotely in order are my bunches and bunches of various other peoples' wedding photos. They are, too- Meticulously so.

Goals for this week:

pay for my cat's blood test ✓
laminate my mother's recipes for my cook book ✓
organize the chaos on the other side of my bed (the side that is hidden from view, heh heh heh)
clean up my chaotic dining area-turned-craftlab.
take my cat to the groomer

these last three will probably not be completed... but they're goals nonetheless 


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