18 November, 2009

new coat!

I got a new coat tonight from Burlington Coat Factory. Yay for less expensive-ness.
It is totally reminiscent of a junior officer's frock in the civil war, but it's also chic... in my opinion. I love the buttons and the standing collar. I am excited to wear this coat places!

i would love to take a photo to share with you tonight but it is getting late and it is also dark... and i'm not in the mood to set up the camera to take a decent photo.

Last night was fun! I went with Dah and the CJ's and we got our nails done (not the boys...lol)! I got a manicure- but let me tell you... i was completely freaked out that the lady was CUTTING OFF MY CUTICLES!!! I mean really... is that necessary? I keep them neat and pushed back, so why does she have to cut them OFF?! I dont have cuticles anymore! I hope they grow back ok... Someone told me they might grow back all jaggedy and rough :-(
 But the polish looks nice anyway.
I might forgo getting fake nails put on for the wedding and just get a nice manicure.

Also, i bought a very cute hat tonight. It is black and short-billed, and has a big ole buckle on it. Perhaps when i photo my coat soon, i'll photo my hat too!
love it!

Well, best be off to bed. This Briar Rose needs all the beauty sleep she can get.


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