12 November, 2009

another busy day!

After work today, i took my friend Mayo to the fabric store to take more advantage of their awesome Veterans Day sale!!! They have all their Simplicity sewing patterns there for $1! Most of th eones i bought were originally $14 or more. I saved $150 today only and just spent $50... so yeah. awesome. I got 9 patterns, a cutting mat (40% off, i couldn't pass it up so i just got a relatively small one), a bias tape maker (1"), some 4" sewing needles, some odds and ends, and of course the fabric for the boys.

I got a pattern for pajama bottoms for the CJs and me to sew together. I also found out that flannel is only $2.99 a yard, so i got some fabric while i was at it. This will be a fun project. Dah (their mom) says i'll be able to get them each one at a time for about an hour and a half next week. I'm excited!

Dah and the CJs and i went to David's Bridal today. We found the most perfect dress for her. It was too good to pass up! She got a bolero in the same color to match and it really looks great! Next step- finding pretty snowboots to go with it :-)

haha! you think i'm kidding.

i'm not.

everyone in the bridal party (all four of us including V) will be wearing snow boots, myself included! it's going to be so great!


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