06 November, 2009

big girl things

Hello big girl things, nice to meet you.

No, i do not mean "big girl things" as in things for girls who are "big". I mean "big" as in "grown up".

How i have lived for 3 years without owning an iron of my very own (or owning hand-me-down cheap ones), i will never know. About 2 years ago i worked as a, for lack of a better word that comes to mind, 'housekeeper' for a fairly wealthy, wonderful couple in Washington state. Among many things, i did some of their ironing- and let me tell you... i was skeptical at first about this giant heavy thing they used as an iron. It was the first time i had ever laid eyes on the Rowenta, and it looked something like this:

the bottom part that the iron sits on is a water vessel for the amazing steam power that this iron produces... I dont know the schematics of it- but i had never ironed, REALLY ironed until the day i used this glorious iron.

Today, i purchased my very own Rowenta...

It is a TRAVEL sized bugger and WOW! it works great! It's so comfortable to use and the water goes right into the handle. Speaking of which, COMFY! What a great way to press clothes. My hand is at just the right angle to use it without making my forearm feel all achy.
it's light and heats up quick- it also has a little switch to go from 120v to 240v! So all i'll need is a wall adapter, and i can take it to Ireland with us. We'll have an iron!

I had been sewing an apron for my stepmother and as i sewed the ties for it i kept thinking of how handy it would be to iron them first... how much nicer my seams would look. *dream, dream, dream*
i didn't want to go out and purchase a new iron (or a used one)for obvious reasons and i hate to ask to borrow a friend's (because i'm terrible at remembering to return appliances), but when i saw this... and it has a switch to change voltages- it was love.
I was able to press out the unsightly crease from the fabric being folded onto the bolt and went ahead and pressed the ties straight. While i was at it, i thought i might as well press open my seams! Dont even ask me how i had planned to make bias tape.
What have i done all these years?!
I must admit though- i've been doing all this ironing atop a folded towel on my dining table. Heaven forbid i should have to iron a sleeve without creases! lol!

I just think it will be nice to iron a shirt or a skirt without having to try and hang it in my bathroom during a shower. It's small enough to bring it with me on little vacations and business trips where there may not be an iron present. I'm just super happy with my purchase today!


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