28 November, 2009

busy bee(swax)

  I got a crafting bug today so i braved the world of black friday shoppers to a craft store to pick up some beeswax and some other essentials.
  I have had these awesome stringed lights for several years now, that i got from Ikea at some point. They are star shaped! I have always loved them, and this year they adorn my very Charlie Brown Christmas tree. At first, i hadn't planned on putting anything else on the tree- as i just don't have anything else (except childhood ornaments, which will be staying packed this year) but while i was at the craft store, i noticed they had 50% off their entire stock of ribbons... and i couldn't pass it up. In the basket went 30ft of cute red and cream checkered ribbon for the tree.
  When i got home, i pulled out my double boiler and fired it up while making preparations for homemade Christmas ornaments!!!
  Let me just say, one pound of beeswax is more than enough to fill a Christmas tree with star shaped ornaments and is a little expensive *ahem*. I have LOTS left over, so i might... do other stuff with it ;-)

After i finished with my ornament-making, I began the slightly less challenging project (depending on how you look at it) of making a popcorn garland for the tree as well.
I sat at my computer and watched the movie Bolt while stringing delicate kernels of popped corn onto what seemed like an endless skein of embroidery floss (alas, it was only 8 yards).
I was finished not too long after the movie ended and will be happy to vacuum my floor! haha! little broken kernels everywhere! Mom would cringe right about now, haha!

Now i can sit back and seriously enjoy my handiwork. It's funny to think about my tree this year. I purchased every single thing on this tree (and under it- and the tree itself...) as a single person. It holds no memories of Christmases past, which is bittersweet. I love to look at my pretty tree and think about next year's *future* memories. New country, Husband, new family... Wow!
I must say that i love life as a single, but- it really is for naught without someone to share it with. I am so looking forward to experiencing life with someone ^_^

On a side note, i still need to finish crocheting Dad's scarf and learn how to knit before the year is out. Humph.


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