11 November, 2009


Today was great! I discovered some new (to me) artists that i like, one of which happens to be "The Free Design". I love their song "Love You", and first heard it on the movie Stranger than Fiction in the end credits. This evening, my fiance sent it to me... aww.
Other new (to me) artists that i enjoy are:
Owl City (specifically their song Fireflies)
Parachute (specifically their album Losing Sleep)
Ingrid Michaelson - I've listened to every album that I can find of hers and love it all.

Wow! in the past MONTHS have gone by (years, maybe) that i didn't find new artists to enjoy- I am on a roll lately.

This evening, i took advantage of some counter space that i have. After cleaning it meticulously, i spread out the fabric for the apron i've been working on (as a gift for my dad's wife), and utilized my new rotary cutter. There is definitely a learning curve with that thing, and WOW is it ever sharp! I accidentally sliced off some of my fingerprint and didn't even know until i saw my little "flag" of skin on my finger. Fortunately it wasn't deep or anything (and it wasn't even bleeding)- it just surprised me!
I made bias tape. I have been putting it off for days. I don't know why. I suppose i'm afraid of failure. I didn't fail per se:

But i was once again thwarted by mathematics. 2" wide, half an inch folded in on each side, then completely folded in half= .5" bias tape.
The apron would have looked better with thicker tape... especially for the strings- BUT i suppose it will do. At least it's finished now! YAAAY!
Perhaps one day i'll have an ironing board of my very own... hahaha!

This morning i got started on a new project, though. A cookbook! As i was rifling through my recipe box, i came across several handwritten recipes by my mother and many more recipes typed on cards from a typewriter by my grandmother. Some are dated (back 30 years), but there's one in there from my great-grandmother (typed by my grandmother, noted on by my mother)... I love these cards so so so much! Some of my favorite memories are of my mom and i cooking/baking together!
The unfortunate (for others) thing is that my mother's handwriting is VERY cursive, and a mix between that and shorthand. I grew up reading it- so there's no problem for me deciphering things, but i worry for posterity.
SO my new project was to laminate these precious recipes in acid free plastic and place them in a cookbook where i will stow them in pockets (to be removed and viewed) but i will also write them out, myself. I will also be adding photos to the book as i create these recipes (part of the plan is to make several of them and take pictures) and putting most of it in my own handwriting, so my future children will have a nice keepsake.

i finished crocheting the wool scarf for V! It's a nice thick bulky yarn, and with a double crochet stitch throughout, it is very thick! In my opinion, it's not too much as long as you dont wrap it around more than once. It's really not made for that, but i know one Polish man who will stay warm this winter! ^_^

Lastly, V and i finalized our food decision for the reception dinner as well as found out from the restaurant that they DO ALLOW us to bring our own cake, which will A.) save some money and B.) make me very happy- allowing for some tradition in our somewhat offbeat wedding plans ^_^
Tomorrow, i'll be able to send in the info to the coordinator and we'll have at least a handful of things finished and set for the wedding:

Dress ✓
Ceremony location ✓
Reception location ✓
Flowers ✓
Photographer ✓


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