06 November, 2009

catching up a little...

Whew! I can't believe it's November already! Where does the time even go? In about 65 days, i will be in ALASKA surrounded by friends and loved ones! Wow.
Dress, check. It's a champagne color A-line that i bought off of a website from China for cheapsies. It is gorgeous and there will soon be photos for you to see and adore. ;-)

Seriously... it's on my list to do. Post photos, that is. I have misplaced my card reader and have no idea how to hook my camera up to my computer (wow. did i just say i don't know how to do something on the computer?) let alone know where the cords are to do so. Among the missing items in my inventory are:
Card Reader
Camera Cord
Battery Charger

I have been sewing a lot and "crafting" if you will, lately. I've been really looking forward to some domestic time and loving to find new ways to occupy my fingers. My late mother was a seamstress and some of my fondest memories are of us sewing and crafting together. She was a stay at home mom always teaching me new and excellent things.
Recent projects include stuffed animals of various nature. I made a crazy looking "VooDoo Cat" for V:

a heffalump:

a monkey:

(well, this was before he was all put together ;-))

and what my young friends (the CJ's ages 8 & 12) call the "black tomato":

Last night i started making and apron for my stepmother from this pattern:

and also to crochet a scarf out of white yarn for my dad... why he wants a white scarf, i do not know- BUT he wants one and that's what matters :-)


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