19 November, 2009

Not going to die today!

I really like this whole "not going to die" thing. My old tires had unfortunately gone a little bald and i decided that surviving at least until the wedding day was imperative- So i got these.

It is amazing what a little bit of tread can do for one's driving confidence- also, i feel loads safer on the road now, and i'm sure my fiancé feels better about it too (even though he's far away).

This weekend, i had a photo shoot with my friends who are expecting a baby! I love to do maternity shoots and i really can't wait to do this one! We'll be doing indoor and outdoor shots, so this should be a blast!  I went out and got a bit of pink ribbon and i still have my baby blocks... eeehehhehe! Maternity is my favorite type of session!

The felt flowers for my bouquet need to be finished. I have been un-motivated for the past few weeks, but i really need to get on it. I have no idea how to make it an actual "bouquet" though... *sigh*
ALSO, i need to figure out who is buying what and when and what other stuff of mine needs to be whittled down and either sold or disposed of/ donated. BAH!
I still need to get my poor cat into the groomers but the pocketbook is a little thin. Last time i used scissors on her mats, i ended up accidentally cutting her skin! poor thing. I felt absolutely terrible about it and she still has a little scar.
I'm a bad cat owner.
She doesn't know that though. She still cuddles with me, and wants to be held and loved on. Sweet little Jewel... :-)


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