24 November, 2009

le sigh.

Recently, i've had to start parking in a different place than i'm used to when i get to work. I think it's because the owner is getting ready to get a security system that we'll have to punch when we enter the building, and it can only be near the front entrance (i usually come in the back).
Anyhow- i got out of my car and remembered a reason that i'm really going to miss this place. It's like a little family. One of the benefits of  working for a very small company is the camaraderie that comes with it.
This picture is from my parking space. When we moved into this building and found out we'd be getting new cement for our parking spaces, my boss suggested scribing all of our initials into the cement.
So, one sunny day after the pad had been poured, brushed and sectioned- my boss came to me with a nail and said "it's time!". I went out and put all of our first initials into the cement as well as two bible verses on the request of the owner.
That was six months ago. I still can't believe i've been with this company for over a year. It's been a good year. My first day of work was the day after my boss offered me a job on the spot. As in- IN the interview. I was so happy to have a job- coming from just recently moving across the United States and before that, not being able to pay my bills anyway because of a part time job at minimum wage vs. school and school supplies.
It came the same day my phone was shut off, and i had just enough fuel in my car to get home from work that week, if i didn't make any stops along the way. How i got to work and home from work the following week is a mystery.
More than a year later, i look back at my time here with a smile. Various pot-luck lunches, pizza days, birthday parties, and all-around happiness in the workplace. I am a very lucky person. I wish all jobs were this good.
I'll miss you, AmViews.


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