22 November, 2009

48 days!

First of all, to the Skinners- i'm loving your blogger update... it's really nice! Lovin' it and it totally suits you! Sorry i wasn't more help lol

Wow. only 48 days until i'm married! i can hardly believe it! i'm super thankful to my MOHs who have kept my head on my shoulders and keep me in line. It's been kinda hard planning from the middle (wedding in Alaska, fiancee in Ireland, me in Ohio...) but if it wasn't for my ladies- this would be a lot harder.
Not too long after i'm married, and i'll be moving out of the country. What a strange thing to think about! A year ago, i was purchasing items with the mantra "i want to buy things that i'm going to keep... because i'm not moving across the country again... what a pain" haha! well i was right. I'm not moving across the country. I'm moving across the OCEAN! hahaha! Funny how things work out.
I was just starting to complain about needing to move again too- when i met the man of my dreams and decided to get hitched.
I must admit, yes- this is all going pretty quick, but i've never been one to stand on ceremony in anything in my life. This makes me happy and isn't that the point in life? To be happy? I always internally cringe when someone says to me that they "worry for me" (meaning my funny little decisions and crazy ideas). Not in a rude way, mind you- i do appreciate it when someone can be honest... but is it really their place to worry about me? I mean, where does it get them to worry about me? Does it solve problems to worry? I dont think so... it just makes you look haggard.
Dont become haggard for my sake. ;-) just love me for me. I will do the same for you!
This life is a good ride and i'm fortunate to have friends who love me and endure my shenanigans with encouragement and support. I love the fact that on my wedding day, i'll have people there who have stood by me through thick and thin (literally and figuratively haha) and i am HONORED that my friends (read: family) will be by our side.
my other friends and family from other parts of the country will be a part of our pre-celebrations here in Ohio! I can't wait for December 27th to see the faces of all the awesome people who have helped shape me into who i am and meet my true soul mate. I can't wait to lift a glass to you all. Thanks for all you do!

i love you guys.


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