26 October, 2011


A few years ago, as I was browsing the wide world of Flickr, I happened upon this image.

Sock Drawer
(click image for source)

I fell in love. 
Since that day, I have longed for a drawer just like this one to be full of socks that I knit myself. Socks that fit my gigantic feet perfectly.
The problem?
I am a crocheter (a hooker if you will... but unless in the company of other crocheters who will "get it" I do not refer to myself as such. ha!). My mother was a fantastic knitter, but sadly that was a skill that we didn't make the time for before she died. She did, however, teach me how to crochet.
I have searched far and wide for a crocheted sock pattern that I like, but because of the nature of crochet, I think, it is better suited for slippers, scarves, and hats rather than socks... unless you're wanting a pretty thick sock, in which case, by all means!
What I'm trying to say here, is that I prefer the look of knitted socks vs. crocheted socks. I've sat down numerous times and tried to learn how to knit just socks but have found that, as with any skill, it takes practice. 
Last year I knitted a cute stockinette square, and this year I knitted a skull and crossbones oven mitt using fair-isle... but I'm still not ready - and I realized that I won't ever be unless I get some practice! I don't want to be sockless!
So far, I'm only really familiar with the stockinette stitch anyway, but I can start out by making face/wash rags, right? I ran across this site which has a bunch of fun patterns for someone like me, who as of yet, can only knit and purl.

I guess I better cast on and keep learning!

What's on your hook/needles this season?


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