22 October, 2011

Dear Husband...

Dear Husband,

For no particular reason other than "because I can", I would like to share with the world why you mean so much to me.

Your unfailing patience with me and my moods has always been something I have admired about you. It has helped me to grow and become less of a jerkface on my own terms, without anyone nagging me about it. I love the way you laugh when I'm angry - even when I say I don't. Even when I act like I don't. Please don't ever stop laughing.

I appreciate your constantly supportive way. You are always willing to stay an hour late, or go to work on the weekends because you know we need it. You have provided our lovely (rented) home and have put food on the table since the beginning, even when it was difficult. You always tell me that I'm pretty or cute or beautiful. You have supported me emotionally, physically, and otherwise, and for that I couldn't be more grateful. It speaks worlds to me about the father you will be, and the amazing husband that you are.

I love your desire to create. You always have something up your sleeve to do with your hands be it breadmaking, winemaking, cooking, baking, or fixing things around the house. You make our lives better with your resourceful and imaginative ways and I can't imagine my life without your creativity in it. As a creative woman, I can see that you are truly the other half of my heart and soul. You inspire me.

You are always there for me, and at the top of my (rather short) list of people I trust. If anything were to go wrong for me, I know that you'll be there in a heartbeat to help me through it and find a new way. You are always the one to keep me grounded - my rock. Whenever my moods take me to strange places, you're never far with a shoulder to lean on and a perfect, perfect hug.

You always let me take the lions share of the bed without complaint, you even switch sides with me when I can't sleep. When something sounds scary in the dark, you never hesitate to check it out for the sake of my peace of mind. You always take care of the spiders, cobwebs, and creepy-crawlies; you don't mind helping with the dishes or the chores; and you bring me flowers! I couldn't ask for a more wonderful husband, and I know that I don't have to.

Before I knew you, I had no idea how empty my life was and now I can't imagine going a day without you in it. You have my whole heart.

I love you.


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