17 October, 2011

A Blustery Day

It is a grey Autumnal day here in Clondulane. The winds are racing and the rain is coming down seemingly sideways. The wind is whistling through the vents in our home and making our curtains wiggle and doors creak open and closed as if they were alive... or haunted. It might be appropriate for this time of year, anyways with Halloween approaching. 

The cat is asleep on a warm rug, dreaming I think, of the cows in the field behind our home. Here I sit with my computer on my lap and some lemonade at my fingertips - a summer drink, but I've never been one to conform to seasons. 
This evening, after our bellies are full and if the wind is still howling outside, perhaps I shall sit by our fireplace and read a good book. I certainly do enjoy these simple times and hushed pleasures... and look forward to reminiscing on them with a fond smile - as my children laugh and cry in my arms and wreak havoc on my quiet days. :-)


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