15 October, 2011

How to Make Medium Boiled Eggs

There have been about a million and a half times over my adult life where I have had to look online, call a friend, or (gasp!) refer to a book to remember how to boil an egg. Half a million of those times, I've over boiled my eggs to the point where the yolk was that ugly greenish grey... ew. It still tastes fine, but that's all. Only fine.

Last night, I made the perfect medium boiled eggs - without a reference - and I was STOKED! So I decided to share my method, just in case you've shared my frustrations in boiled eggs. 

First, I'll quickly share the difference between soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs. In all cases, the egg white should be solid. Soft boiled eggs are when the yolk is runny. Medium boiled eggs are when the yolk is light and softly solid around the edges, and soft in the center, but not runny. Hard boiled eggs, are when the yolk is a solid uniform yellow color (not greyish green... haha).

So! For medium boiled eggs (my favorite):

1.) Let your eggs sit out for about half an hour to become room temperature.

2.) Bring a pot of lightly salted water to the boil - just enough water to cover the eggs. When I did it last night, I wasn't thinking and salted the water as if I were making pasta, but a friend told me that salt actually helps make it easier to shell the eggs! 

3.) Let them boil away for about five minutes for a medium sized egg. For a large egg, increase your cooking time by about 45 seconds.

4.) Run cool water over the eggs until they're touchable. Then crack off the shell and enjoy!


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