21 October, 2011

Just a Bad Day. Not a Bad Life. - Freebie Fridays

Welcome to another Freebie Friday!

This week, I've got a free 8x10" download for you. 

This week's freebie is inspired by my moodiness. I have days when just EVERY single thing goes wrong and I start to doubt myself, my life, and my priorities. Fortunately those days are not terribly often, but they do still happen on occasion. It's on those days, when I head up to my craft room to find some serenity (and inevitably trip while getting there, as well as break a nail and stub my toe) that I could use this reminder.

I'm so incredibly grateful for the things I have, the opportunities that are open to me, and the people who love me and surround me. I have a good life, but sometimes I forget.

To download this free printable and to see others that are available to print, visit the "Freebie Fridays" tab at the top of the page, or click here.


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