14 October, 2011

The Velveteen Rabbit

One of my all time favorite stories as a child was The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. It was simple yet poignant and as a youngster, made me feel an extreme adoration for all my toys.
I suspect that it is because of The Velveteen Rabbit that when Toy Story came out, it was instantly one of my favorite films. 
The Velveteen Rabbit
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The Velveteen Rabbit is a story about a toy bunny who learns what it is to be Real to a child. It is an absolutely delightful and moving story - even more so in the original text (the language it's written in is just lovely and really adds something to the story).
I am ashamed to say that it was not until last night that I had read the book, thanks to the Kindle app on my Android phone. I downloaded the app, feeling much too lazy to go upstairs and grab the current book I am reading - or my iPhone, which has Stanza installed on it for reading books. I was very happy to find several great choices to read for free download! I installed Grimm's Fairytales, Sleepy Hollow, Pride and Prejudice, and of course The Velveteen Rabbit to start off with. I thought it might be nice to introduce my husband to some of the children's tales I had grown up with - if anything for a bit of fun.

When I was little, I had always watched a film telling the story, rather than reading it. My parents, as far as I understood, were acquainted with it when they were small as well, which even more so makes this story a treasure to me. I'm sentimental like that.
A small search on YouTube brought me back more than twenty years to the very same cartoon adaptation I watched as a girl, narrated by Christopher Plummer himself! He will always be Captain Von Trapp to me, singing the most lovely version of Edelweiss in the Sound of Music - but I digress. 

Part One

Part Two

Talk about nostalgia! Ahh, it was fun to re-watch this cartoon after reading the book to my husband last night. I can't wait to pass it down to my little ones as a bedtime story. 
If you haven't read the book, please check your e-reader to see if there is a free version available. If there isn't one available to you that way, you can read the full story (complete with illustrations!) here.


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