16 October, 2011

Sunday Adventures

 Something about the sunshine in Autumn in Ireland... just brings out all the people. We're like flowers here. Fine with rain, but when the sun comes out, we all turn our faces up and just soak it in!

Today we attended the Rathcormac car boot sale. Truly, this car boot sale is something I very much look forward to every month... 
What is a car boot sale? I'd say it's pretty much a big flea market. Vendors, traders, crafters, and people just wanting to get rid of their surplus "junk" come to sell to the good people of the area. An entire field is marked off in sections and basically people pay a fee to haul in their goods from the trunk (or "boot" hence "car boot sale") of their car, van, trailer, or whatever. 
It's good fun to see all the stuff that's out because as they say, "One man's junk is another man's treasure."

You can find almost anything at a car boot sale, from the unusual:

to the brightly colored!

Tools, art, estate items, stoves, kitchen utensils, clothes, satellite TV, rugs, cars, and of course baked (and fried) goods. We don't always walk away with something we need, but we always find something interesting. It's worth it just to go and watch the people.

After our fun at the car boot sale, we headed out to a hotel in Clonakilty to meet up with a bride to discuss some of her thoughts on wedding photography, and to see the area. It was a very gorgeous location with about a million great photo opportunities... except this. What is this?

That is a bride and groom cake topper at the top of what appears to be a decorative flower cake. Taaaacky!!! Fortunately we don't necessarily have to be anywhere near this monstrosity for the photos. Just crossing our fingers for a lovely day (in November) so that we're not limited to indoor photography!
Now we're just winding down at home with some light piano music and full bellies after dinner. Too bad tomorrow isn't Sunday too!

How was your weekend?


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