04 October, 2011

Ten Things I Love Tuesday

Welcome to this week's edition of 10TILT! It's a collection of things (often random, sometimes not) from around the internet that I'm really enjoying this week. Join in the fun, and hopefully you'll find something new to love too!

1. This amazingly cute Thanksgiving table decor.
unfortunately, you can't see it bigger unless you happen to have November 2010's Southern Living Magazine... but you can see just enough to get a general idea here.

2. This amazing cheesy garlic bread recipe.
photo from Lauren's Latest. Guess what's for dinner!!!

3. Because of the previous item, Cheesy Garlic Bread, this is probably something that I wont ever be able to wear... but i still love the design.
 dress found on Glamfoxx, here.

4. This cute engagement shot.
I might just have to steal it with my next engagement couple...
Photo by Modern Photographics

I sorta have a crush on this hairdryer. I'm quite sad that it's sold, but this etsy seller has a ton of other cute things for sale in their shop, here!

6. These upcycled glasses made from old beer bottles.
I LOVE this idea. We break/go through sooo dang many glasses in our house. I swear we break at least one a week (and that's a GOOD week). This would be the perfect solution. Gather bottles from friends and neighbors, and voila! Glasses! Check out this Etsy seller's other items, here.

7. There are certainly days (today may or may not be one of them), when I feel exactly like this:
You can purchase this calendar here.

8. These funny girls
In case you're not familiar, they're doing part of a dance move from Beyonce's music video to her song, Single Ladies. And if you're unfamiliar with that music video... GO WATCH IT NOW. It's amazing. Image found via Pinterest.

9. This cute piece of art called The Flower Machine, by Sarah Anderson.
I love al the colors! You can buy a print of this, and many other pretty pieces, here.

10. Last but certainly not least, this cover of Adele's Someone Like You. 

Their harmony is beaaaauuuttiful!!

What are some things you're loving this week?


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