15 July, 2011

My Corinthian Husband

Hello friends! 

These last few days until our vacation in Sweden have proved to have ups and downs, and all arounds - but one thing is constant - the sweetness of my husband.

he may or may not be pinching my butt in this photo...
Through the course of getting ready for our departure on Saturday, I believe myself to have gone, at least temporarily, a bit unhinged.

Remember the dress I ordered last weekend? It came on Wednesday, as expected - however, after all that praise and excitement I gave about knowing what to expect - the dress was a tent. A gorgeous, beautiful tent - but a tent nonetheless. It did not fit. I would say it was a good two sizes too big, which i wouldn't have even been able to fake.
Since I am the queen of waiting until the last minute, the dress could have been returned - but I wouldn't have received a replacement in time for when I needed it. I decided on option B. Resize it myself. In this case, I can tailor it to fit me perfectly. Hurrah!

I am no stranger to the world of dressmaking. I am no master at it, but I have sewn many-a-dress in my day, so after looking at the seams and linings of the dress, I had a go at it. I measured the amount I would have to take off the dress for it to fit, I separated the bodice from the skirt and removed the zipper. I cut, sewed and serged it all back together. I did a freaking good job too. Seriously. You'd never tell that it was a tent originally.

This is where I'd show you a before and after photo.

Except somehow, I managed to resize the dress too small (not by a lot, but enough that the zipper just wont go up). 

Tears. Lots of tears. I was angry with myself for waiting until the last minute and now I wouldn't have a dress for the Christening - and in that case, what can I throw together to wear instead... nothing! I have absolutely nothing that would be appropriate. Except this one beautiful, perfect turquoise dress that i just altered to be too small!! AHH! More tears. 
I text my husband and he does not chide me for being careless - he calls me, consoles me, listens to me cry and tells me that it's ok. He promises we'll find something and not to worry. He encouraged me to look online at dresses.ie to see if they had something I'd like (since it could be delivered next-day).

I went and looked online and found a cute maxi dress that had just been posted online. There was one left in the size I'd need, so I quickly placed it in my shopping cart, in an effort to save it so I could have a quick look around and make sure I wasn't missing anything - without someone else buying it. I went to check out and got to almost the final step before it said that the dress was no longer in stock!!! AHH! Someone purchased it right out from underneath me!!
More tears. I was so frustrated. I called V in another little pathetic state, and he promised to take me to Cork today to look for another dress. Aww...

Last night, we needed to go to Tesco to do some shopping for our vacation and we happened upon the clothing section. I started to look around at all the possibilities, and found a cute skirt and top that I was happy with. I went to try them on though, and the dressing rooms were closed!!! V suggested I try them on at home and if they don't fit, we'll return them.
Guess what?
They did fit, but I looked like 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound sack. 

Later that night, after all the frustration of everything - I lost my mind. Poor V was just an innocent bystander as I yelled and got frustrated over stupid stuff (like dropping an empty garbage bag... I am not proud). I screamed and cried and threw a fit - even went to sleep in the other room. V just patiently weathered the storm and came and sat by me in the guest room as I continued to explode... right before I realized what an a-hole I was being and started to cry again. 

I would have expected anyone else to have written me off at this point but he hugged me and kissed me, and let me cry on his shoulder. He took me back to our bed and even let me sleep on his side. 

Today, I'm cleaning, doing last minute laundry, and packing our suitcase for the trip. I called him to see if he wanted anything specific packed, and he was just so nice to me. Not like "walking on eggshells" nice, but genuinely caring and kind. Just the right kind of nice that I needed to hear.

I am so lucky to have someone that tolerates me when I go temporarily insane. <3 
Three cheers for Witold, who is patient and kind, who is not jealous or boastful or proud...

Hip hip, HOORAY!!! Hip hip, HOORAY!!! Hip hip, HOORAY!!!


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