05 July, 2011

Ten Things I Love Tuesday #7

Welcome to the seventh installment of 10TILT, a collection of things that I'm a fan of each week! I hope you enjoy it and maybe even find some new things to love!

1. This photo of these amazingly beautiful cookies

they're made by Marion Ferrer of Sincredible Pastries. I think I'd be more apt to frame them rather than destroy them with my mouth...

2. This cute sailor's tee by Plasticland

It's not currently available anymore, but in truth, it doesn't look like it would be too hard to replicate out of an old shirt... hmm... maybe add that to my endless list of things to sew.

3. This hilariously cute photo by Amy McMaster Photography.

That's what summer is all about, right there. Except in Ireland. Here you just go outside and open your mouth.

4. This beautiful embroidery hoop wall art found on doe-c-doe.

I love everything about it. You can get the pattern by visiting the link above, and make one too!

5. Sugar cookie truffles?!?!?!

Oh my goodness!!!!
Find out how to make them here. Send me some!

6. This photo. This place. This whole thing...

Although I doubt I'd ever get on this bridge without a safety harness... It is gorgeous.

7. These excellent cookies and cream bars look like coal (at least to me), which is awesome!

Just the thing to stick in someone's Christmas stocking as a little prank :) Find the recipe here!

8. Wonder Woman apron! Gasp!

I'm pretty sure any mom who cooks homemade suppers for her family should own one of these. Check out Modern Vintage Design's Etsy shop to see this and more cool aprons!

9. This beautiful jacket at coggles.com

This is actually at the top of my "to make" list for winter. I have had the same coat for almost 12 years, and though I love it, it is ratty and old, and needs to be replaced. 

10. Last but certainly not least, I <3 Aine and Richie

They are getting married this week and we just barely found the time to sneak in an engagement session before their big day. They are a genuinely sweet couple. Check out more from their fun shoot over on my photography blog, by clicking here!


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