11 July, 2011

dresses and blood tests.

You long time readers might remember that I have allergies. For the newbies (hi! welcome!), I have allergies that are pretty recent - and I've only had them for about 2-3 years now. I "narrowed it down" to thinking I'm allergic to dust. 
Dust is everywhere, which is why I think I'm allergic in every situation, especially while cleaning!

Lately, I've also been worried that I've got a thyroid issue... since it runs in my blood. 

Two weeks ago, we finally received our medical cards (meaning we can visit the doctor for free) so I went in straight away to see our doctor in Lismore. First of all, let me just say that I am a very big fan of our doctor. His bedside manner is sweet and comforting while being professional and polite, but not so much for it to seem like he's not your friend. I really appreciate that.
The last doctor I went to wouldn't see me for two weeks - so by the time I was able to get in, my really bad cold (which was the reason I made the appointment) was mostly gone. He looked me over, told me I was obese, and sent me on my way. Sure, I'm exaggerating a little but I really did leave the office offended and hurt by the frankness in which he told me I'm obese and disappointed by the lack of sympathy for having to wait two weeks to see him. I didn't even get a suggestion as to how to make myself heal up faster. 
PLUS on top of that, despite my insurance "coverage", that little visit cost me about $200.  In a time when I did not have $200 to give, the whole situation turned my stomach.

Anyway, I had my blood drawn at this recent appointment to test my thyroid levels and my Dr. said he'd run them as well as just do a whole panel to check to make sure everything's running smoothly. He did give me a prescription for my allergies though, and they're really helping. I feel like my old self again!
I rang him today and he read my results off for me:

liver normal
bowel normal
thyroid normal
blood sugar normal
ige level - high - definite allergies 

So great! I'm healthy! Good for me. I suppose I'll just keep an eye on how I'm feeling just to make sure. I still sorta suspect there might be something off with my thyroid - but I'm happy to know that I'm otherwise fine. No excuses! haha

In other news, I bought a dress!
That is exciting, friends. It's new. I have not owned a new dress (not counting my wedding dress) in years. At least 3. 
We are going to our niece's Christening on Sunday in Gothenburg. I have some things, but nothing really suitable for summer... almost everything I own in the way of dresses are either too small, or... well that's about it. They're all too small. Fatty. And they're either black and white, cocktail red with black lace, or brown. Not really appropriate for the church.
The trick was to find something that would go with the shoes I already have because I don't want to spend a boatload of money. The other trick was finding a shop online that not only sold my size (18-20 UK, 14-16 US) but shipped to the Republic without costing an arm, a leg, and my firstborn.
The last hurdle of course, as always is finding something I like that will be flattering, modest, and able to be worn more than once.
I found a shop that sells dresses, aptly named dresses.ie. I found a dress that I could live with, but really felt like I was settling. It was cute but... honestly I felt unimpressed.
Then I went to Peacocks.co.uk and had a ball shopping around, only to discover they dont ship to Ireland.
At last, I stumbled upon ASOS.com. They ship to Ireland in two ways. Cheap and fast, and you can have both without trouble. Ladies and gentlemen, not only is their shipping fast - which is obviously a requirement since we're leaving on Saturday - they had this dress:

Love! What's more, I already have modest black heels that will go with it and if that wasn't enough to have me nearly weeping for joy - any doubts about whether or not the dress were dashed with their runway video. That's right. They have super detailed photos of their dresses and a little video clip of the model in the photo walking on the runway, to show you the dress in real life, un-retouched.
On top of all that, they have the model's size info, so you can compare it to yourself and decide what size to get. This model is only one size smaller than me, so I know pretty much what to expect when I put it on.
The best part? It will be here on or before WEDNESDAY. 
This gives me time to find a bit of spandex to smooth my fat silhouette and we're pretty much good to go! Yippeeee!


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