18 July, 2011

Gothenburg! (image heavy)

We woke up to beautiful sunshine and the temperature was almost perfect, with a wonderful breeze coming off the water. After breakfast (which was delicious... fluffy scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast) V's parents, V and I went for a walk around the city.

We went to a second hand shop. Oh, how I love others' cast-off items. This shop was about 4x the size of any second hand shop I've come across in Ireland. Three floors of amazingness.

After our fun time browsing, we continued our exploration.

Then we climbed almost 200 stairs to see Skansen Kronan - which was built in the 17th century as part of Gothenburg's defenses.

During the climb, we were offered a gorgeous view of the city through the trees.

And finally, we made it! It is owned privately now, and rented out for parties and conferences - so we couldn't see inside, but we still enjoyed its exterior beauty and the vista it overlooked.

V's parents! They've been married 32 years, and are absolutely in love with each other still.

After enjoying the scenery and the building, it was time to head back.

It's hard to take in everything, as there's just so much to see! I love seeing all the new types of architecture, stores, shops, homes, and people!
Tonight, we're hoping to get to the islands on the Northern Sea - Torslanda!

Hejdå för nu! :-)

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