04 July, 2011

Independence Day weekend in Ireland!

Ahh, July 4th weekend. There's just something about it for me. Like they say, you can take the girl out of America, but you can't take America out of the girl.
I seriously fought the urge to print out a "Happy Independence Day" sign with a big ole American flag and stick it in our front windows...

Our fourth of July weekend was spent doing the things that I think of as typical for this weekend in particular, and Ireland was kind enough to let the sun shine on it.

Our lawn was in dire need of a good mow. My mom had this thing about dressing me up like an insane person whenever I mowed the lawn at our home in Utah. Imagine a 90 degree day (32C) and I'm out there in sunglasses, a huge floppy hat, a scarf, a long sleeved jeans button down, jeans, and steel-toed boots. Not to mention the wool socks so that my feet wouldn't get blisters. It's amazing how I managed not to faint! We had a huge lawn too!
The first time I mowed our lawn here, I must say that out of instinct, I revisited my childhood, donning jeans and my hiking boots - for mom's sake... but this weekend? No. I rebelled. Mom, this is for you.

All ten still in tact, albeit a bit green! What can I say, I can't stand any sort of heat anymore, and mowing the lawn in shorts and flip flops? Absolute heaven. I actually had to mow it twice (once without the grass catcher) to re-tame the lawn, but it was so worth it, and I really, really enjoyed doing it.

After our experience with the last place we lived (they gave us "garden space" at the very back of a huge, overgrown field filled with blackberry bushes, nettles, and morning glory... blech) where we had to fight with the land to get anything to grow, it's so nice to have a lawn. We brought our fruit bushes with us when we moved here too, and this year... it's almost like we got new plants. They're so happy!
Soon we'll have blueberries!

I learned a lesson this year with our little "garden". Do not overcrowd plants. Seems like a no-brainer, but I thought the blueberry bushes would be less lonely if I planted some flowers in the pot with them. It was just a mix, but boy! Those flowers are growing up and out and around the blueberry bush, and it's insane! The flowers are beautiful though, so I don't have the heart to pull them out - but you can bet your boots they wont be there next year!

Our lavender bush is getting ready to bloom. I can't wait! Every time I go out to check on the plants, I run my hands gently over the lavender bush and take a deep breath. It is wonderful!

The white currants are still ripening! New fruit every day. I'm thinking about making some pancakes with them. What do you think?

The gooseberries will be ready any day now. I'm never sure what to do with them, but V certainly loves them. I'm happy we've got so many this year.

And our little flowers around the yard are making it a more colorful and happy yard.

We lazed about on Sunday in the sun on the grass. V read the last pages of his book while I set about cutting squares for a picnic blanket. I did my best to watch my time, but as it does, it slipped away from me and I ended up with a bit of a burn - which is tradition.
At the end of the evening, we even threw some chicken breasts on the grill for dinner and I felt satisfied with my Independence Day weekend, even though I'm abroad.

Happy Fourth to all my lovely American readers and friends :) Love you guys!


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