12 July, 2011

Ten Things I Love Tuesday #8

Welcome to the eighth installment of 10TILT, a collection of things that I'm a fan of each week! I hope you enjoy it and maybe even find some new things to love!

1. This beautiful picture. 
I can't tell if the blogger who's blog I found it on created it or if she found it elsewhere, but it is gorgeous. I would love to have this up in a frame somewhere in my home. You can view it and read the lovely poem she wrote to go with it, here

2. This cute rainy day outfit. I especially love the umbrella.

3. This amazingly simple recipe for iced coffee.

Starbucks in Fermoy?? AAAHAHAHAHAHA.... no. As soon as I read this recipe, here, I ran to my kitchen to make some ice cubes, and asked my husband to replenish our instant coffee supply on the way home. Obviously, I plan on doing my own version today, but when we're home from vacation, I'll definitely be trying this recipe the way it's suggested. I am beyond stoked!!!! 

4. This super cute dog photo on Looseleashes.com:

It makes me laugh so much. You can buy one here. A portion of all proceeds go to local animal shelters, so it's for a great cause!

5. This awesome bunny cake!

Tracey Lau posted about it here, on her blog.

6. This beautiful and creative painting technique.

Basically, it's matte base paint then stenciled over and hand painted in gloss. It's absolutely gorgeous! I am hoping to do this to a wall in our house - but I'm torn between replacing the hideous wallpaper in our living room:

or add it to the wall behind our bed. Decisions, decisions. I suppose I could do both, just find a different pattern for each room. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... You can read the tutorial here.

7. This pretty, and easy DIY wall art

It has definitely inspired me. I have a pallet (with the wood panels almost touching, not like a normal pallet) out in the shed that is just begging for some embellishment, and a wall behind our dining table that is perfect for it. The tutorial for this particular piece is here.

8. This beautiful Neiman Marcus dresser.

This dresser gives me the only regret I have felt all year: I'm sorry we sold our dresser.
We sold it because there was very little to no real space for it in our home, and a friend of V's from work was in real need of one. Why keep something that someone else could make better use of? So I don't really regret selling it per se... maybe I'll just embellish a future dresser.

9. Blueberry, Maple, Oatmeal Smoothie.

 I will admit that this recipe list originally threw me for a loop. I was just about to shoot a wedding - arriving at the bride's house at 10am (leaving my house at 9),  and realized on the way that I was starving. V and I pulled into a little smoothie shop just outside of Waterford (I wish I remembered the name), and I ordered something very similar to this. I was nervous to try it, but it was amazing! Now that I have this recipe, I can make them at home! Visit Closet Cooking for more excellent eats.

 10. Last but certainly not least, and along the healthy lines of the delicious smoothie above is this:

Banana, Chocolate, Peanut Butter Ice Cream by userealbutter.com. Ingredients? Bananas, cocoa powder, and peanut butter. That's it! I couldn't believe it either. Click here to read about how to make your own for a perfect summertime snack!


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