31 July, 2011


(While I'm out of the country, I'll be reposting some content from my archives. This one was originally published in June of 2009, when I was living in Ohio.)

This is a self portrait i created last night after a very funny conversation in my bible study. A member came with his new iPhone and of course, we exchanged phones and talked about all the cool things for it. It was like we had our own language. Then i realized:
i'm addicted to my phone. I must say that being addicted to something is terrible. I am not addicted to any sort of stimulant, drug, or amphetamine legal or otherwise. In fact, just the opposite- i do my best not to actually take ANY medications at all. Even when i'm sick. I figure, there are enough preservatives and crazy things in food and the water that i drink every day that i'll already either live to be 150 or die of a horrible flesh-eating cancer any minute now.
However, I do find other things that i can't go long without. My iPhone happens to be the first item that comes to mind on that list.
I love to stay connected. I have apps for all kinds of useful things like weather, stocks, Facebook, and even a little app to tell me what that awesome song on the radio is that i know nothing about. My iPhone is my vise. I'd even go so far as to compare it to a magic wand like in Harry Potter.
Sure, the phone didn't "choose me" or anything, but it's completely my own. My customizations, ring tones, pet names for friends when they call, photos, music, apps, notes... I can use someone elses iPhone (wand) but it doesn't have the same feel. It works but it's like wearing someone else's shoes... Functional but not comfortable. There's no magic.

Really, there's nowhere that i go without it, that i can think of. I sleep next to it (albeit on airplane mode), i drive with it plugged into the radio, it's always in a pocket on my person or in my purse. I use it as a GPS. It sits with me at work, in church, and at the pool. I take it into the kitchen when i cook and use it as a timer, i plug it into my stereo at home, and i use it when i shop (the lists i make on it are endless). I track my health, what i eat, how much i weigh on it. I saw an app that allows you to take credit card payments for your small business and thought "wow!" That's only the gravy. I can still make calls, text, take pictures too... but with style. LOL

I find myself wondering when my plan expires so i can upgrade to the new 3Gs, but also loathing the thought of getting used to a new phone (even if it IS an iPhone) because this one has become so much of my life. Like a friend. How sad is that? I have a best friend (who is human, lol) and a little digital technological, yet immobile robot-computer thing.

I go through withdrawals when i leave it at home. "who's going to text me? whatever shall i do without music if the silence gets too loud? What if i get LOST? How will i check my email? What about facebook? How shall i tweet?!"

The consideration of purposely leaving it off or in airplane mode all during the day as a form of "weening" has come to mind... briefly.


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