28 April, 2010

all nighter...

V has dutifully put himself on the night shift at work... i admire this fella. Works a 9 hour shift, then comes home for a couple hours to "relax" only to go back and work all night. He's not expected home until 9:00am.

Which means i'm alone...

Which means i wont be able to sleep because... well... this place is somewhat scary at night, i wont lie. So i've charged up my iPod, i've got the wood stove blazing, and i'm going to stay up working on something for the man. ALLLL night. If i finish my project early, maybe i'll work on spinning. i found this book on Amazon and was inspired. No, i dont have it - i just want it. Wanting it was enough to inspire me to try spinning again.
Lately, i've been listening to Rhianna's "Rated R" album. I admit, i've not really been focused on the lyrics, but the melodies are definitely fun to groove to... especially all alone in a creepy little cottage in the middle of nowhere, Ireland. HA!!! Fortunately i have this cute little kitty to keep me company while he's awake :)

Off to go brew some coffee flavoured milk and pray for daylight :D


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