14 April, 2010

Gluten Free...

So... Grandma was probably right.

My [biological] grandmother expounded on her fairly recent (within the last year) decision to go Gluten Free (GF) to me on my recent visit to Alaska. Also fairly recently, i called her and asked about the family history. As it turns out, Thyroid issues and Celiac Disease are in the bloodlines like a tornado - skipping over some just to devastate the next.
My biological family is relatively new to me. I was adopted as a baby and raised by wonderful and loving parents. When i was 16 i decided (and was allowed) to meet my blood-relatives. It was a great experience for me! It was great to finally see a family resemblance when i had grown up looking like (in my opinion) someone else's kid - much to the argument of several family friends, and neighbors who think i look just like my [adoptive] mom. The "newness" of my biological family still remains as i have not grown up knowing their family history, bloodlines, heritage... i can't even tell you all the names of my [biological] cousins, great grand parents, and even some of my aunt's names escape me sometimes. There are after all 7 aunts and 2 uncles. ;-) My grandmother was/is amazing.

From what she told me about herself, and her benefits of going GF... it's made me really stop and think. I have many of the same "symptoms" that she had before going GF and just thought nothing of it, really. In fact, i pretty much brushed it off after our visit... except for that seed she planted in my brain! LOL!
I actually find myself noticing that gluten seems to be EVERYWHERE! It's so crazy! And perhaps i'm afraid of being GF because of all the wonderful and lovely things i eat with gluten in them every day! Pasta, breads, beer, pretzels, scones, bulgar, bullion cubes...
ok no, i dont drink beer and eat scones every day. i'm just throwing them in there because they are common foods. ;-)
Last night and on Saturday night i was kept awake by some horrendous pain in my lower abdomen. On Saturday V suggested they might be cramps - and i wanted to agree with him but the truth is, i can't because A.) i've never really had cramps that bad. EVER. and B.) i was woken up from a deep sleep by this pain and was fairly delirious through most of it. As for yesterday... I made homemade ravioli (which contains regular flour - which means gluten) and i also made Sourdough bread... stealing little globs here and there from the dough as i was cutting/rolling/kneading not to mention eating some fresh out of the oven. Plus i had lasagna for dinner, which means pasta. Gluten OVERLOAD!!!
My poor husband could only sit next to me and try to comfort me emotionally as i lay next to him nearly in tears. Poor V.

That has gotten me to SERIOUSLY thinking about researching the expenses of a GF diet and finding GF recipes. A little effort now is certainly more appealing than a lifetime of pain and possible diagnoses of something yucky.


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