23 April, 2010


Oh, did i tell you i made ravioli?! From scratch!!!

First, i rolled out the dough:
Next, i brushed on the egg wash:
Then i added the cheese. I wasn't sure how close together to make them since the dough was funny shaped...
After that, i covered the cheese with the other sheet of dough, and pressed out the air bubbles, and started to cut out around the cheese:
Then i sealed the individual raviolis with a fork (no fancy kitchen ware here! lol):
And voila!
the recipe i used made two meals worth of fresh ravioli for my husband and i... not little meals, either. The kind where you feel full and happy : )

Lessons learned:
  • one egg and 1T of water is more than enough egg wash for ravioli and beyond. i feel like i wasted most of an egg :(
  • freezing the ravioli right away (if you're not going to use it that day or the next) keeps it nice and fresh, but one must watch for the ravioli sticking together.
  • dont use more than a thumbprint worth of filling, because the ravioli gets tooooo big and is not your friend (in this recipe)
  • fancy ravioli cutters aren't necessary if you have a fork ;-)
  • sharp knives would probably cut the pasta better than butter knives


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